Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Why? Why? Why?

It's not often that I feel impressed to verbally bash someone. Leave a puppy in a truck all afternoon, or sit at a green light for an excessive amount of time , and I might rant a little. Might.

This fine day I am going to rant about my family. Why, on this little blue and green planet that God so carefully made, can my mother and sister not get along?! Why?

Is it so hard to be nice to each other from a few states apart? I understand that when you live in the same household it's difficult to breath without annoying one another, but they live in different states. We only get together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're all intelligent individuals. Why?!

Without giving any nasty details, it's bad. If they ever speak again after this is resolved, I'll be surprised. Seriously. It's that ugly.

And who should be the mediator? Ah, yes. The little sister. The nice one without a potty mouth (Seriously, folks. When they're mad, these women put sailors to shame.). The one that's at peace with everyone in her family. Even her less than constant alcoholic dad. Let's call her and rant and cry. It calms her down and helps her sleep at night.

I actually like that they both know they can talk to me. I just wish I could fix things between them, and I just don't think I can. :(

Yeah. So, I can't really focus to post about anything else right now. It's the mama drama at the moment, and I apologize. Hopefully, I'll have cute crafty things for you tomorrow. Along with a little list to lust after. Until then. I'm off to Ari's for girls' night in! There might be a boy or two involved, but we'll get rid of them before the night's over.


  1. Ahhhh, family drama. My specailty! Don't worry girl you're not alone with this, it always seems like there is one child that takes on all the burden.

    Have a drink or seven to clam the nerves!

  2. Oh goodness, I'm so sorry! Sounds like a heavy burden to bear. I'm sort of the drama-less peacekeeper of my family too, but my Mom and sis have never gone at each other to THAT extent! I don't know what I would do!

    I'm praying for your guidance (and ability to rise above their drama) right now!

  3. Ugh. Family things like that are just horrible! Thinking about you!

  4. Oh i hate that for you. I hate being involved in someone else's drama. Hope it gets better.

  5. Bon Don - Thanks! It helps to know that there are other survivors. ^__^

    Sarah - I really think my Mom is taking the worst of this one, but it is awfully stressful to feel stuck in the middle. Thanks so much.

    SleepyJane - They are horrible, aren't they. I always liked that "Save the drama for your momma" thing, but now I'm not so sure. If it's my Mom then I get a healthy share of it too. :P Thank you!

    Shannon - Tell me about it. I like to maintain a drama free lifestyle, but these two are really putting a damper on things. Thanks. I know it will.

  6. I'm so sorry! You're doing a great job of keeping your head on straight!

  7. MadamRaspberry - XOXOXOXOXOX

    Ari - I don't know about that, but XOXOXOXOXOX to you too.

  8. It's good to know that our families aren't the only ones with problems. When I was a kid I always thought that I would like to be in a normal family, but does that really even exist? Maybe the drama is normal?

  9. I have that freaky family where everyone in our little circle of four all get along famously. I count my blessings daily

  10. At some point you may have to decide that you shouldn't be involved anymore. As much as you may not want to because they're family there comes a point when there's nothing else you can do to help diffuse the situation and it's doing you far more harm than potential good. That being said I really hate that you're having to go through this and I hope you can come to a resolution that makes you content.

  11. Wow, I think we may have the same family - at least when it comes to cursing like sailors. :) I curse in my blog, but not so much in real life. My sister, on the other hand,.. well, let's just say I'm pretty sure her daughters first word will be f***.

    I agree with Apollo - as hard as it can be to own (and be heard), you have your own voice in the situation. That said, only you know what is best for you. May you have a keen understanding of yourself, and be able to make decisions that will be in service of your soul's well-being. Lots of love!

  12. you know, when my mom and sister get like that I always bust out with this laugh and it fixes everything.



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