Friday, March 20, 2009

What Say You, Music Lovers?

Google Reader is great, right? Blogspot's even moving up in the world. I can read all you folks I follow right there from my least in part. Still, I like to visit all your pretty little blogs. Some of you even have music! Which brings me to my point.

I couldn't resist the urge to add music to my blog. Seeing how I consider myself to have wonderful taste, I imagine you will all love the music I chose to share. Yet, I know we are often creatures of habit. Change is something I like...if I'm in control.

So, this whole music player on my oh so dark and shiny blog might not be your favorite. You might hate the music I listen to(for this you should be banished, but I will be gracious:P), and that's not something I'm willing to suffer.

What say you? I have lots for you to choose from. It's all just a scroll away. Maybe you can find something tolerable? Can I have my music and keep you lovely people happy? xoxo


  1. I personally like it :)

  2. Oh you know I'm down with this. I had no idea you could even do that! It's playing the Proclaimers right now! How cool is that? I may have to add this to my blog.

  3. Of course I love it!!! Yay! Oh and "Float on" - so MY song "I backed my car into a cop car the other day...." I've so done that! "Brass Monkey" - I love to embarass my little brother with that song - and I wonder why he won't let me meet his friends! ...... Oh! "Low Rider"?!

    K...I'm gonna stop now....maybe

  4. We have a few songs in common... So, I find your offering acceptable. :P

  5. Shannon - Yay! Ahem..I mean-thank you for your imput.

    Apollo - ^_^ Of course YOU would be! You should. Viva la musica revolucion! Hope my made up Spanish is semi correct.

    Ari - XOXOXOX

    Cody - Oh, good! ^__^


What Say You?!