Sunday, March 1, 2009


Do you see this? Do you?

This, my bloggerific chums, is what I'm talking about. Bliss.

I awoke, blinded by the white awaiting me outside my bedroom window. Winds of about 40 miles per hour. A nice steady snow fall. Rapture.

I know there are a lot of you folks out there who could care less if you ever saw another snow flake as long as you live, but I miss this. It's just such a lovely change. One that reminds me of good times as a kid. Good times that were few and far between.


Benjamin, please forgive me. ^__^


  1. It just started snowing here about 2 hours ago too! It came outta nowhere, and it's beautiful :) Talk about complete opposite from the beach! (And YES that was me that keeps swearing it off and being lured back! But no bad memories from this time YAY )

  2. Yay! Snow! Matthias and I throughly enjoyed it this morning while it lasted!

  3. Where do you live? I am one of those snow-dancers too. It starts to snow and everyone gets all upset and starts complaining and I'm like "WOOHOO! Gimme more!" gets to this time of year and I start getting a little Spring fever. Not that I would turn down a good snow storm, but just boring ol snowless cold is getting OLD.

  4. Shannon- I just love it! It didn't last long, but it was totally appreciated. I thought that was you. I am so glad this time didn't scar you. The road to beach rehabilitation. :P

    Ari- I hid in the house from it this time. I meant to make a mini snowman, but I ended up knitting with KiMCHi. It was perfect.

    Sarah- Good ol' Northern Alabama. Everyone here runs to the store and buys all the bread and milk at the first talk of flurries. They had a bad snowstorm one year(before I lived here), and everyone's paranoid. It's hilarious. I'm all, "It's gonna SNOW!" and I get like 15 nasty looks. I thrive on it.

  5. Damn you live in a forest?

  6. well, congratulations my love. you realize that if you lived here, not only would you be with ME, you could also have all the snow your little heart desires :)

  7. Matt- Ha! Haven't I mentioned that I live in the boonies? We're about 15 minutes from a fairly small town. That's how we have chickens and all. We're just outside of city limits.

  8. MadamRaspberry- Sigh. I know. I know.

  9. Ahhh that's a sight. I never get to see real live snow though. *pout* If that ever happened to me I'd take a personal day off work and stay in bed!

  10. The snow storm I believe you're referring to is the "Blizzard of '93". We got about 3 feet of snow in Birmingham. In March. We were out of school for a week.

    I really wish we got more snow. I didn't get to get outside and play in it because by the time I got out of bed it was already starting to melt. Plus I really needed coffee, not snow.

  11. I had the same comment as Mat!! "Damn you live in the forrest!?" LOL

    So beautiful! I love snow too.

  12. SleepyJane - Isn't it?! I wish we had gotten more, but I'm thankful for what we did get. Any snow is good snow. For most of the day, I knitted with my kitty in my lap, while my husband played his guitar.

    Apollo - That's the one! And me too. I stayed huddled up in the house until it was too late to go build a wee snowman. Sigh.

    Bon Don - Ha!Yes, we live way out in the sticks. ^_^


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