Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Number of Things

I suppose an update is in order. I've ranted and blathered about a number of things in the past few weeks, and I know you're all dying to know the outcomes. Just be forewarned that they aren't very exciting.

The fancy schmancy little house I was so in love with-that had new office space potential? Yeah. My boss is apparently going to see if it hatches into a beautiful little bird, cause she appears to just be sitting on it! $300 bucks cheaper and A-dorable, but I suppose she has other things to consider. What do I know? (That it was perfect, and it had a kitty door. That's what. Sigh.)

My Mom and sister drama? The issue at hand has been dealt with, but they aren't speaking to one another. At this point, I'm thinking that might be best. The selfish part of me would rather be mediator, and keep them both happy, but it can't go on like this. It's so ugly. My prediction is that they'll keep this up for a while, until Jenni(that's my sister) needs some moral support. She'll call Mom, and all will be ignored in order to get along. I'll just pray that neither of them EVER decide to bring "it" up, or all will be lost.

Dinner on Thursday night was yummy. I'm going to ignore the fact that there was only one hot vegetarian dish on the menu, and it wasn't German. Ignoring. Ignoring. The company is what the evening was all about, anyhow. Todd and I, Ari, and Ashley and Ben met Austin. It was good times. Although, I bet a little more uncomfortable for Austin than us, seeing how we all knew each other. Nice to meet you, and I'm glad someone got to eat schnitzel! ^_^

Oh, and the student art show that Ari and I attended rocked. April's great, I was compared to Bernadette Peters, and you were aloud to touch things, which is our cup of tea. Before receiving permission, we were refraining, as normally pressing buttons and licking wallpaper is not allowed(No, the wallpaper was not flavored, much to our chagrin. Upon mentioning the idea to Ari, she replied with a very optimistic, "Schnozberry!"). We shouldn't be allowed out in public unsupervised. Really.

Last, but not least, the thing we've all been freaked out about. Our uninvited house guest. So far, it seems that changing the locks did the trick. We've had no apparent attempts at breaking in, and the suspected party came by late Thursday evening, which is totally out of the ordinary. During his obviously tense visit, the little punk nonchalantly mentioned my Jeep being parked out back, the locks looking different, and that we should give him a key!!! That way he could "come by when we're not home, and check on our critters". I don't think so, buddy! We are so convinced that this is the guilty party. I'm having a hard time being polite, but I'm working on it. The kid is eighteen. I'm hoping moving out will be in his near future. Arrgh.

I think that about covers it, folks. I'm home with a slightly unhappy tummy, but it's sabbath, and somehow that makes everything better. I'm hoping to read, relax, finish a painting, and that my next post will be riddled with pictures of finished projects. Here's hoping!


  1. Damn, what nerve. I can't believe he said he should have a key.

  2. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well - feel better soon!!! Too bad about the wallpaper. LOL :)

  3. Schnozberry wallpaper would have been the best!!!! We should so put together an art show where you can touch, play, and lick everything!

  4. I'm glad that changing the locks solved the problem, and I think that conversation pretty much confirms your suspicions about the kid.

    Also glad to hear that the drama between your mum and sister has cooled for the time being. Anything for a quiet life, eh? :p

  5. Stephanie - He does seem to have taken quite the advantage of our hospitality, and gotten some sense of entitlement. Funny little man. He just managed to really screw things up with us.

    Texas Belle- It was really a shame, and it might have been the wallpaper that gave me the tummy ache! :P I'm feeling much better now. Thanks. xo

    Ari - I am SO serious. We TOTALLY need to do that. This is why I love you. You're simply a GENIUS!

    Astharis - I am so glad all manner of things have quieted down. I thought I was losing it for a little while there. ^__^

  6. I'm just glad you guys sorted it out. At the very least is able to keep him out of your house.

  7. Thank goodness it was him! I was kind of freaked out for you! and get on boss-lady, there's kitty's involved!


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