Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Zealand? Yeah. Hi. You're Gorgeous And All, But I've Met Someone Else.

Let me introduce you to...Socotra Island. It's the Island of Bliss, my bloggerific friends. Just ask Wiki. He'll tell you.
So, I'm totally in love with this place, and must go there. I thought New Zealand was the strangest, most beautiful place on earth. In my mind, nothing could hold a candle to it.
Turns out I was wrong. I mean, look at these trees! They look like overgrown mushrooms!

And what is up with these big bulbous rhinoceros skinned buggers growing right smack out of the side of a rock?! I love it!

There are like a gazillion species of plants and animals(mostly buggy/birdy type creatures) that live here, and nowhere else in the world. That just amazes me. This little archipelago in the Indian Ocean has stolen my heart.

Well, I guess I'm really a two timer, because I'm still totally interested in New Zealand. The wildlife and climate has this place beat any day. Socotra is all deserty/monsoony, and it's strange critters are more of the ginormous neon blue insects and creepy bird variety. That's really nothing compared to The Land of Zea, but it still rocks!

Okay. So, you guys need to check this place out. Anyone want to go there with me?! Ari has already R.S.V.P'd.


  1. Wow, that looks crazy amazing. Cramazing! Also check out Queen Charlotte Island up in Canada if you get the chance. Another eerily beautiful place -- you just have to time it right if you want some sunshine during your visit.

  2. I've seen pics of this place before and I totally want to visit. It reminds me of something out of a fantasy novel.

  3. I'm sure that New Zealand wouldn't be too happy about your steppin' out on it.

    All of that plant life looks like it's straight out of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Totally gorgeous.

  4. have you seen the beautiful birds of paradise in the eastern part of Australia? I just love the male riflebird. So creepy, so beautiful.

  5. That looks awesome! Those trees are amazing. It's got a dreamy quality doesn't it?

  6. How cool! Do you ever watch Planet Earth? That show is amazing and so educational about all the places (and creatures) we don't even realize exist!

  7. Jay - Will do. Cramazing! I love it! ^-^

    Ari - You better be!

    Stephanie - It is definitely fantastic.

    Apollo - Don't tell, okay?

    Girl Anachronism - They are very suessy. ^-^

    SleepyJane - That's why I love it.

    Shannon - I OWN Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Life of Mammals and Birds! LOVE IT! ^-^


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