Thursday, February 5, 2009

Such A Noob

I have had many an unintellectual moment in my 26 years, but not many of them have mortified me. Most of the time I can laugh things off. I'm totally capable of admitting that I made a mistake and moving on, but sometimes the sting of error lingers. Oh, how it lingers.

On Sunday Todd and I ventured to Ari's house for a little shindig. A little football. Some house warming and the like.

On the way there I decided to call a friend of mine. He was thinking of attending this wee and glorious event, but sounded a little tentative the night before. So, my plan was to give him a nudge out the door.

I picked up my phone, went to my contacts, found his name and dialed. Once the voice on the other end picked up I knew what I had done...I called his ex! Auugh!!

My mind went blank as her sweet voice repeated it's greeting. Finally, I mustered an "I'm sorry. Wrong number.", but she wasn't having it. She questioned me!

See, we live in Alabama. This ex lives in another state. An entirely different state than the one she had lived in when living with this friend o' mine. So, she thought it a bit fishy that an Alabama number, with the same area code as her ex mind you, would be calling her by mistake. She asked if I was sure that I had the wrong number, cause it was weird that I'd be calling her from Alabama.

I wanted to crawl in a hole and die, but I pressed on. I stuck with my "Wrong number. So sorry!" bit, until she said my name. Weep. Sob. Sigh.

Seriously?! We're on the phone for 15 seconds, and this chick that I've never met or spoken to before in my life just managed to blow my stupid friend cover?! Only me!

At that point I just said "Hi". I admitted that: I hadn't deleted her number, it was really awkward, I was trying to call him, and I was terribly sorry to have bothered her. I was mortified.

Here's this poor girl, trying to get over this relationship gone awry, and I call her! This was not a nice break-up. Not nice at all. I thought surely she would have a few choice words for me, but she was sweet as pie. Like we were just catching up.

We talked for a few minutes. She said she would really like to meet me someday, and that she was glad I called. Then she offered me the correct number, which I declined, since I had it already!!!

Only me.

So, I've come to the conclusion that she has coped quite well, and is pretty much right as rain. My friend, on the other hand, curses the state in which she lives.

I still haven't deleted her number.


  1. That makes me think I really ought to delete a bunch of numbers out of my phone. At least she was amicable. I can't believe she knew who you were, though. Weird.

  2. Ugh, I hate when I do stuff like that. I just deleted numbers out of mine when I got a new one. That is weird she figured out it was you.

  3. I think that you (we) were meant to be friends with her! But that's just my take on things!

  4. Apollo- I don't know if I'm going to delete it now. She was just too nice. It was really odd that she guessed it was me. Maybe he had me as a contact and she just didn't want to tell me? Dunno.

    Stephanie- Clever girl. I know, right?!

    Ari- That's why I still haven't deleted her, I think. I'm holding out hope for some sort of relationship? I don't know.

    I have such a hard time just erasing someone. It's like I'm killing them. I see myself saying, "You're dead to me." and giving them the kiss of death.

    I'm so weird.

  5. I know how you feel. I almost never delete contacts from my phone. I probably only call 1/10th of the people in my phone, but I still like to have the option... just in case.
    BTW I LOVE your blog, so glad you posted on mine! And Nattie is actually a little mutt (no one can ever guess what she is!), she is a mix between a yorkie and a maltese. She looked more like a yorkie as a puppy, but now just looks very "blended."


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