Wednesday, February 25, 2009

List Lust V

This week's list lust is in honor of a few things with which I am currently obsessed.

1.) Ettore Sottsass was an overtly creative and intelligent man that said incredibly simple things. Such as:

"It has always seemed to me the most natural thing in the world to draw and make things."

"I would like not to have to play the role of the artist only because this way I get paid, and I wish it wouldn’t even occur to others that there’s anyone who gets paid for being an artist."

2.) Finishing things I start. Like this Ogling Owlie for the swap I'm coordinating on Swap-Bot, and this scarf for a friend of mine. Yay for completion!

3.) Caron Simply Soft Eco Yarn. Made from recycled water bottles, and it is just so soft.

4.) Buttons. Button eyes. Button noses. All things buttons!

5.) I've been addicted to this song for what seems like a year now. Since I found the video, I love it more.

6.) I have a love/hate relationship with Joanna Newsom. I love her music, lyrics and videos, but can't stand to listen to her talk. This video is awesome.

7.) Our newest additions to the family. Yes. More chickens. One white leghorn hen and 5 new white silkies. The female silkies look so much alike we can hardly tell them apart. So, we call the rooster Ashitaka, the four identical hens The Kyoshi Warriors, and the one big chicky is Suki.

This is a silkie.

I'd put an acutual picture of our chickens, but I've been instructed not to do so by the husband-person. Wonder what he's going to blog about next? Hmmm.

I believe my work here is done. Hope that wasn't too terribly boring. Watch the videos. They're very charming.


  1. You have chickens? That is so cool!

  2. That pink scarf is gorgeous, and I love the eco yarn. I made a scarf for my boss with that yarn and it is unbelievably soft.

  3. I love buttons so much. I need more.

  4. Hehehehe! The silkie is so cute - that's the hair and/or expression I had this morning when I woke up! I need to come and take pictures of your chickens!

  5. SleepyJane- Yup! They're such funny little characters. They have a strange birdy hierarchy, too. It's the best.

    Shannon- Thank you! I love soft, pretty, earth-friendly yarn.

    Stephanie- Me too!

    Ari- You do! Let's have a slumber party/chicken photo shoot sometime in the near future. ^__^

  6. The Kyoshi Warriors...ah, so funny! I don't have time to watch the videos right now, but it's on my list :)

  7. The first two times I scrolled past that silkie picture I seriously thought it was a poodle. Mind. Is. Blown.

    We're going to need to do a music swap-meet sometime soon.

  8. They are little fluffy cutie pies. ^__^

    Absolutely. Perhaps our German dinner can coincide with that?

  9. We should do that soon, by the way. The only night I ever have plans during the week is Tuesday so pretty much any other day is kosher for me.

  10. and some how you have made a way for chickens to be even more scary to me. O_O I have a terrible fear of chickens and that silkie beast....*shudders*...

    and you call them the kyoshi warriors...

  11. Apollo- Yes, we should. Monday and Friday nights are bad for my husband person and I. So, we'll figure something out from there!

    Girl Anachronism- Sorry! They're nothing to be afraid of. Silkies especially. They are incredibly docile. If you walk up too fast they lie down.

    Yes, I do. ^__^


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