Wednesday, February 18, 2009

List Lust IV

This week's list lust is inspired by Ari. I'm unashamedly copying her most recent post. I-I just can't h-help myself.

You can Google pretty much anything, right? How about what you need?

According to the Google powers that be, I need:

A CHILDHOOD: Oh, how true this is. I had a loving mother, but there was definitely a lot to be desired. Having just seen Coraline, though, I think I'll just be thankful for what I had. ^_^

TWO THERAPISTS: I'm not so sure two would do it, but I'd let them give it a shot.

TO RAMBLE: I agree! Both verbally and ambulatory-wise.

SUN AND OPEN CIRCULATION: I'm pretty sure they're talking about mountain heather here, but I think Vitamin D and fresh air are necessary for my growth and longevity as well.

TO BE REMINDED OF TASKS: Oh, how terribly accurate this one is. My husband person spends much of his time asking, "Shouldn't you be..." or "Did you ever...". Bless him.

A COMPLETE PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION: I'm wondering if there's some sort of imbalanced Heather epidemic.

TO BE SHOT: I know at least one person who might think this, and it makes me so sad. I might actually let him shoot me. If it would fix anything, I'd let him pop a cap in arm.

HELP: Does this have anything to do with the fact that I'd let a guy shoot me, if it would lead to reconciliation? Is that terribly mental?

TO GIVE UP: Never!


A HUG FROM SOMEONE: I am definitely a hug enthusiast.


HER OWN SHOW: I couldn't agree more! Alright folks, what should we call it?

YOUR LOVE: For some reason I now have like four eighties songs in my head, and I think I'll share them! Yes. I'm totally going to link to the cheesy videos.

-Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love
-White Snake's Is This Love
-Roxette's Listen To Your Heart, and It Must Have Been Love
-Cutting Crew's I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight

Okay. I'll stop now. If you can make it through them, it's so worth it. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV when I was little, but my big sister always let me. Bless you, Jenni.


  1. "...might as well face ot you're addicted to love!"

    I freaking love 80's music!!

  2. That's awesome! A wonderful list!

    Don't let that stupid boy get you down - he's really not worth it! And don't let him shoot you either!

  3. Who wants to shoot you?!?!?! If someone hated me, I might let them shoot me too if it made them love me...we have some major issues my love.

  4. This is an awesome list! I am so about to go try the same search.

    Letting some one shoot you just so they will like you is probably a problem.

  5. SleepyJane- I know, right?! I loved this song and Sledge Hammer soooo much.

    Ari- Thank you.

    I think I'm crazy. I would seriously rather he shoot me than not like me, but I'll get over it.

    MadamRaspberry- We both need TWO THERAPISTS! I don't mind if just anyone doesn't like me-if they have good reasoning, but someone I really love? Oh, just shoot me.

    Lefty- Thanks good lookin'!

    You know me. I'd rather deal with physical pain ANY DAY, than have hurt feelings.

  6. I didn't realize you were a toreador. Are you living a double-life?

    RE: the sun and open circulation - I am also in dire need. Engineers don't get to see a lot of either, unfortunately. So I'll be relaxing by the lake for a while when I get back to the apartment.

  7. Bull fighting is like my yoga. :P

    Sounds like a plan! My office is close to the Guntersville Lake. It's always refreshing.

  8. I'm definitely going to have to try this and see what google thinks I need!

  9. that's awesome! i just did the same thing! hope you feel better soon!

  10. Hah. I did that once long ago. My favorite was "Cody needs to be a human or some other animal instead of a cow." It was a review for a book called "Cody the Allergic Cow" ...and I kind of want to own it.

    I hear both of those Roxette songs at work quite often... and they really get stuck in my head.

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  12. Meg-Oh, it's so fulfilling. :P

    Texas Belle- I'm glad! It's so funny. Thanks. I am already. I have a Motrin buzz. -_-

    Cody- If my name was Cody, I would SO own that book. Keep an eye out.

    I'm sorry. They're fun, but not in repetition.


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