Thursday, February 12, 2009

List Lust III

Life got you down? Stressed? Tired? What you need is some List Lust, and you've come to the right place.

It just so happens to be time for some more listy goodness! Every Wednesday(possibly Thursday), remember?! It might challenge my knowledge of roman numerals after a while, but I'm willing to deal. So, what shall it be this week?

Oh, how about...things that make me smile. Totally different than things that I love, right?

1. Armored clumsy beasts that consume things that bite me.

2. Not so attractive men making beautiful music. The Black Keys.

3. Wee rubber-necking buggies, like giraffe beetles.

4. My last hand-sewn owlie. He was a gift to my friend Ian.

5. Forcing my sweet husband to let me take pictures of him in the wee hours of the morning.

6. Color-changing fishies with a college education. Cuttle Fish.

7. Creepy, clicky-headed tree spirits.

8. Chaa-lee biting his brother's finga. This kills me.

9. Attractive men making beautiful music. Andrew Bird. Sigh.

10. My husband person's new blog! Yup. His very own blog. After all the fun he made of me for having one, I'm quite certain you should all go introduce yourselves to him as Heather's "internet friends" and harass him slightly. ^__^


  1. That's awesome! My hubby has refused both Facebook AND blogging. I don't know how he survives in that universe. *haha*

  2. "Charlie bit me" made me want to move to England and have British babies (that and the movie The Holiday). Jeez I love that kid!!!

  3. I so love your owlie! did you perchance make the coveted owl purse that Jodi totes around everywhere she goes? lovely

  4. I know someone who would love to have one of those owls.

    Also, kodama are the coolest thing ever. I've considered getting a tattoo of one but I don't know how it'd turn out.

    Oh and the Black Keys are effin' awesome.

  5. Sarah- I know! Who would knowingly opt out of having an electronic entourage? I mean, really.

    La Di Dah- They make me think about attacking Christian Bale, in order to obtain British baby boys. I know. I'm awful.

    Elizabeth- Thank you! I wish I'd made that purse. Alas, I did not.

    Apollo- I'll make one for them! Seriously. What's their favorite color? Might take me a week or so to get to it, but I would love to make one for you to give them. ^_^

    And I know what you mean about the tattoo. I drew mine, they transferred it onto my skin and the guy still didn't get it just right.

    I know! What do you think of The Shins?

  6. I used to have a cuttle fish.

    then he inked and killed everything in my tank... including himself.

    Im positive he was a terrorist.


  7. The Shins are pretty damn good, too. I didn't like their last album a whole lot but Chutes Too Narrow is one of my faves. You have a tattoo of a kodama?

    Oh, if you made one of those owls I would totally pay you for it! Her favorite color is white. What the hell kind of favorite color is that?

  8. The beetle is pretty awesome. I've never seen one before.

    I can't get my future-hub to blog... and he wants to be a freelance web designer. So weird.

  9. Matt- Oh no! A suicide inker! Maybe he did it assuming there would be cuttle fish virgins awaiting him on the other side?

    Apollo- I love THE SHINS! Chutes Too Narrow is my favorite! I have a tattoo of a snail. ^_^ I see how my last statement was confusing.

    Just email me an address to send an owlie to.

    Cody- Keep talking about your internet entourage. You'll wear him down.


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