Friday, February 20, 2009

I Now Pronounce You...

Mr. and Mrs. Finished Cake Topper. Yay! *throws heart shaped candies* *sheds tear*We all know I'm a hopeless procrastinator, but I have triumphed! My beloved sort-of-sister is getting married this Sunday, and I have successfully completed the lovely couple's personalized cake topper.

I'm not going to delve into the whole, "Leah was THREE when I became best friends with her big sister, and now she's NINETEEN and getting hitched!!!" spiel. I'm not.

I'm merely going to show you a full view of their wee doppelgangers.

I hope they like it.

Good night my faithful few. ^_^


  1. Ca-YUTE!!!

    (And I like how one of your labels is "yawn." I think I'll have to delve into that category. *hehe*)

  2. Those are amazing!!! absolutely adorable!!!

  3. These are so CUTE! I love them. You did an awesome job.

  4. What did you make them with?

  5. Wow, these little characters are so quirky! I bet that they will look great on top of the cake. :)

  6. You guys are so good for my insecure artist self esteem. I love you ALL!

    Sarah- :P Thanks.

    Texas Belle- Thank you ma'am!

    Stephanie- Thanks so much.

    Apollo- A polymer clay that you bake at a low temp after sculpting. It's called Sculpey, and I love it.

    Astharis- Yeah. Everything I make has an element of quirk to it. I hope they do. They looked great next to it tonight.

    Gnomespeak- Thanks!

  7. Wait, I think you met my sister at the wedding with least I think that was you...idk...

    she said something about your hate for jesse mcartney playing zuko. ^_^ those are really cute though, I love the one rose.

  8. as usual, they are just too cute!

  9. Girl Anachronism-I did! And I've met her once before too-in Michigan. And yes-I love Avatar, and I will bring physical harm to anyone that backs up Jesse McWHATEVER as the voice of a broody, angst-ridden fire-bender. No. No. No.

    And thanks! They liked them.^__^

    SleepyJane- Thank you!

    Ari- This is why I love you. Well, partly.:P

    Stealthnerd- Thank you so much!

  10. Those are so adorable!! I want I want! I think it's the personalized, whimsical touches that I like most at weddings.

  11. Well then you would be glad to know what the new person who is going to play Zuzu shall be Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire! WHOO! ^_^
    he is a black belt in Taekwondo. Hello new Zuzu!

    I spent many weeks plotting the death of Jesse McCarthy but he is no longer in danger. Now Mr. Reeves is a dead man for being on his way to ruin Cowboy bebop....T_T...


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