Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Me Mine

Normally I can pull off the whole selflessness thing, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Puppies. Puppies are where I draw the line.

Puppies are cuddly. Puppies are sweet. They're never nasty or mean. I'd give a home to all the lost puppies, if ever one day I was queeeeeeeeeeen(shameless Veggie Tales plug-sorry).

Do I love them? Yes. Do I want them? You know it! Can my husband and I agree on a breed of puppy? Absolutely not.

When I mention a weimaraner, he wants a great pyrenees. When I talk about a weenie dog, he brings up burmese mountain dogs. The moment I said bull terrier, he started talking about yorkies. When I said I needed a bull terrier, and by golly I mean to have one, he flat out said no.

No? Excuse me?! You said what, Mr. Head of Household?

Flabbergasted as I was, I had to admit that we would most likely never have anything other than stray mutts. I've always taken in orphans that someone else tossed out on their little fuzzy butts. I guess because they stepped up from compact to mid-size? I don't know.

Whatever the reason, they've all been perfectly wonderful. I'm happy with my rag-a-muffins, I am. Chewie and Nermal are sweeties, but I'm keeping hope alive for a puppy.

I have never had one. Ever! I just know I'll never get one unless I buy it(not from some horrid puppy mill either). If I'm ever able to live with myself for passing up a shelter dog, it'll be for a bully.

Do you see that mug up there?! Do you? It's the cutest thing I've ever seen?!

I have loved them since I was a wee bairn! Okay, maybe not that wee, but I was pretty little. My mom tended bar, and when I first set eyes on that Spudz Mackenzie poster over the pool table, it was love at first sight.

Oh, and Frankenweenie?! In love!! Tim Burton and this funky mug of a dog won my heart at an early age.

Everything I've read about them says that they're hilarious and crazy smart. They are animated and love to be the center of attention. I can so handle that! Besides, if you try your hand at not giving them the attention they require, I'm thinking they'll probably eat your house.

I'm also thinking that maybe eleven or twelve years from now, when my girls are gone, I want a bull terrier pup. I will convince Todd, and he will love our little egg head.

So, what's your favorite breed of dog?


  1. My boyfriend and I can never agree on dog breeds we like. He wants a big dog. I want a small one. If I wasn't allergic to all that hair, I would want a Shetland Sheepdog.

  2. I think that Dachshunds are beautiful, but mostly love shaggy little terriers; so cute! But anyway, just like you I'd prefer to rescue a dog rather than go for any particular breed. A friend in need is a friend indeed. :)

    How apt... My word verification for this comment was "labra".

  3. I have two Dachshunds so it should go without saying that they're my fav breed. :)

  4. Have you seen elizabeth's labradoodle? It is the cutest thing ever. Take a look at this little guy http://www.valleyviewdogs.com/images/labradoodles/labradoodle-miniature-chocolate-aliza-01.jpg

    but in looking at them, they aren't all cute, some are rather strange looking.

  5. You can get rescue puppies...that's what 'Thias is - I got him when he was 8wks. old.

  6. One time I kicked a puppy.

    Just joking.

    I didnt.


  7. Stephanie- Sheepdogs are such gentle giants. Maybe he could get a crew cut? ^__^

    Astharis- A friend in need IS a friend indeed. That phrase always makes me think of The Snoopy Movie. That little girl gets Snoopy and sings the Fundamental Fundependability song. :P

    SleepyJane- They are such wonderful little boogers. I've always loved their little muscly thighs and bums. So cute!

    Madamraspberry- Why, yes I have. She's adorable beyond measure. Some of the others are indeed pretty funky.

    Ari- Yeah, but I think German Shepherds are a little more main stream than bull terriers. I mean, I can save a shelter pup. I'm sure I will, but if it could be a bully-then my life would be complete!

    Matt- I know you love them too.

  8. Ah yes, the puppy bug. I've caught it three times...and I have three dogs. *haha*

    "Our first" was my husband's first dog ever, so he was a bit picky. He had always wanted an arctic breed, like a Siberian Husky or Alaskan Malamute. But I had seen him with large dogs and his level of discomfort with their size told me that it would just never work out. So we did some research and discovered the Alaskan Klee Kai, a miniature version of the Alaskan Husky that never gets big! Thus we got MoJo, our extremely spoiled first born.

    The second time the puppy bug struck, I'd been watching a lot of Animal Cops & those kinds of shows and felt convicted that we needed to make this second addition a rescue. We ended up with our precious Terrier mix, Wrigley. Though we love him dearly, he wasn't a puppy so he didn't satisfy that need.

    Not even a year later, with the puppy bug still raging, I found our baby, Cubby, on Petfinder.com at the same shelter we got Wrigley from. This time I HAD to have a PUPPY, and hubby obliged.

    So now we're a happy little family of five. And unless we get a kennel's license (which I'm not against but hubby just laughs at the idea) our city won't allow us to have anymore. Phooey.

  9. I had to wait 4 and a half years before my hubby would agree. don't loose hope of that puppy. I am in love with my non-shedding hypo-allergenic crazy golden-doodle who is trying to eat my book right now. There goes the quarterly! did I mention she is great for commanding exercise chasing after all of the things she tries to steal and make her own. golden retrievers have always been my favorite dogs. my husbands requirements were, "a big dog that doesn't shed." yeah right. so we have a hybrid.

  10. I wouldn't say love...

    more like, tolerate.

  11. I've been considering getting an English bulldog. I like big dogs but I live in an apartment so I need something that doesn't take up too much space, hah. English bulldogs are just dense little buggers so it would work well, I think. I'm just not sure that I want to deal with the poop right now.

  12. Sarah- It IS a puppy bug, but I've got a terminal case. Mojo, Wrigley and Cubby are some lucky mugs.

    Elizabeth- I'm okay with hybrids. Dogs not cars.

    Matt- When's your birthday? I'm getting you a 2 year old and a Great Dane.

    Apollo- Those are some cute puppies. The #2 factor is definitely not a perk, though.

  13. Golden retrievers. I can't wait to get one. The bf wants a German Short Hair but I am INSISTING that I get a long-haired dog. Preferably gold. And one that retrieves things....

    See where I'm going with that?

  14. Stealthnerd- Fight the good fight! Furry housekeepers are so hard to come by these days. ^__^


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