Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Could Burn The Building Down

I know I've mentioned how unattractive my office is before, but it's due time to grumble about it again.'s unattractive. I try to hide the aesthetic ickiness of it, but sometimes there is only so much my paintings and other quirky bits can mask.

So, imagine my reaction when my boss mentioned looking into moving offices! The grin on my face could only be equalled by a golden retriever puppy in a room full of people lying on the floor. Oh, the possibilities!

Before I go completely off the deep end, let me say that being a non-profit teen shelter, we can't really afford to keep paying such an obscene rent for an office space. So, it's for the good of the agency.

Okay. Yay!

So, we looked at a few options. A couple were worse. A couple were okay. Then we found it.

A cute little place about 2 minutes from our current place of business. It's a wee house that would make such an adorable office. Not to mention that the wall colors are glorious and totally work with all of my art. It's like 350 bucks cheaper a month. It has an adorable back yard with a privacy fence, and a pregnant kitty. It also has a kitty door! This is very important to me, people. Do you know what this means?! An office kitty for meeeeeeeeee! Although said kitty might get lonely on the weekends. Hmm. This is still in the slightly psychotic pondering stage.

So, yeah. If we move into this joint, be prepared for mad pictures. Well, not mad as in mad. You know what I mean. Yay!

P.S. I doubt we'll get an office kitty, but let me dream.


  1. pregnant kitty...its amazing how one can go from terrified to overwhelmed with cuteness.

    ^_^ I kinda like the wallpaper in your office. but 350 bucks cheaper that is great! so, how will you go about burning the old building down? ^o^

  2. *haha* The possibility of adopting another animal is enough to convince me!! Looking forward to seeing pictures! :)

  3. That's awesome! Sounds like it would be such a fun place to work in.

  4. hurray!!! i hope ya'll get it! that would be amazing!! i have my fingers crossed for you! (and my toes - mia does too)

  5. Yay! ofice kitties are the BEST! I'll keep my fingers crossed :)

  6. Girl Anachronism- Yeah. I try to lean more towards the overwhelmed with cuteness stage. I'm still plotting.

    Sarah- I hope I'll have some to share!

    Stephanie- I'm hoping so. The avocado green conference room made it a done deal for me. ^__^

    Texas Belle- :P Thanks ladies of all sizes.

    Bon Don- Thanks!

  7. office kitties!!! office KITTIES!!!

  8. How did I miss this post?! How?!

    Nonetheless, I hope you get it! I can't wait to see pictures of the office and the kitties!


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