Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can't Take My Eyes Off Coraline!

The songs are all stuck in my head, and I had the most fantastic dreams last night, thanks to this wonderful little bit of genius. I can't say enough about how awesome this movie is! Foreshadowing. Symbolism. All my favorite dorky literary things.

Go see it. Now. I'm not kidding.

You will so adore this little blue-haired misfit, and all that surrounds her. Especially if you can appreciate Alice's character. Seriously awesome, people.It's beyond creepy and delightful. Gorgeously ugly. Suprising and funny. Just perfect. Tim Burton cries a little every time he hears it mentioned. I'm sure of it.Okay. Since I'm not willing to ruin anything for you. I'm going to stop yammering on and repeating myself. Coraline rocks! Just go see it. For me?


  1. Ahh! I'm so glad you loved it! Now I will have to run off and see it the first chance I get.

  2. So you're saying I should go see it?

  3. I so want to see this. Unfortunately I it won't come out here in SA in a while. :(

  4. Tell us how you really feel about it.

  5. I've heard a lot of good things about this movie. I must go see.

  6. It was so awesome! Thank you and Todd for letting me go with y'all!

    I can't wait to buy it!

  7. Stephanie- You simply MUST!

    Apollo- :P

    SleepyJane- It's so worth the wait.

    MadamRaspberry- I just can't help myself!

    Shannon- You MUST!

    Ari- I know! THanks for coming with us. We were rockin' in our 3D glasses. Me too!

  8. I love you too! :)

    Yay, a new friend... I'm going to catch up on your archives today!

  9. All right, that does it. I was on the fency, but I've heard only good things, and I LOVED The Nightmare Before Christmas- I'm going!

  10. Bon Don- Mutual admiration is a beautiful thing. :P

    Lilu- Excellent decision.

    I should so be getting paid for Coraline promotion. I mean, really.

  11. I really want to see it but I don't think I will pay to see it. >_< just how I am. If she is anything like Alice, I don't know how much I will like her. I've always held a grudge against Alice for various reasons. But I feel that Coraline has a bit more spunk.

  12. Girl Anachronism- Oh no. Coraline's way spunkier than Alice, and not just a whiny fuss pot. She's equally discontented with the boring everyday, but with reason. Her adventure is equally as creepy and interesting, though.

    She's a go getter. You'll like her.

    Sorry if the Alice correlation threw you off.

  13. I liked it.

    It was very similar to Alice in Wonderland... following rodents through tunnels, talking cats, etc.

    But, I agree that Coraline was a bit more... proactive(?) than Alice. Spunky is a good word.

  14. I know, right?! It's awesome.


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