Saturday, February 14, 2009

All You Need Is Love & Possibly Some Sleep

Happy Valentine's Day, you wonderful bloggers, you!

I don't know how gloriously romantic your days have proven to be, but mine hasn't exactly been picturesque. I mean, it's been a good day. I'm not complaining. It just hasn't felt much like Valentine's.

This morning Todd and I went to church, taught our classes, lead song service and all the usual sabbath activities. After that, we spent the afternoon preparing for Jodi's little sister's wedding shower. I was in charge of banners, games and keeping the bride(Leah) sane.

There's this nice(she's not really nice) crazy(she is actually crazy) lady that keeps calling the groom Kevin. His name is Devin. She's been corrected numerous times to no avail. By the end of the evening, we all just resorted to calling him Kevin too. It was hilarious. We had a blast, but by the time we loaded the gifts into their car it was 9PM.

So, Todd not being much of a night owl, dinner and a movie just never happened. I might attempt to be disgruntled and mopey, but I'm just too darn tired. Todd and Kimchi are already asleep in their recliner, and I'm not far behind them. Our date can wait 'til tomorrow.

Coraline, here I come!

Oh, and I'm almost finished with the cake topper for the wedding next weekend! I'm still working on the groom. I've finished with Leah, but haven't taken a photo yet. Here's a picture of her as of yesterday.


  1. Oh wow, that topper is so adorable; I can't wait to see the pair of them together!

    Have lots of fun at Coraline... I've heard nothing but fantastic reviews of it. :)

  2. We saw Coraline last night. It was the first movie I actually wanted to go to the theater for in a long time...

    At least half the people at work get my name wrong on a daily basis. (Cory, Jody, or Katie.) I stopped correcting them all together and just answer to pretty much anything now.

  3. I can't wait to see Coraline! And the cake topper is awesome! Great job.

  4. Astharis- Thank you! And I can't wait to see it. Looks like it's going to be tomorrow.

    Bob- Like Shakespeare said about the rose. You rock, no matter what they call you. ^__^

    Stephanie- Thanks! I hope they like it.

    Matt- I know. I know. I thought I was sneaking that one in there, but nothing gets by you. Geesh. :P

  5. Matt sucks!

    I wanna see Coraline.....sigh

    The cake topper is cute (as always)!

  6. I've not had a significant other on Valentine's Day since probably about eighth grade. That is to say that Valentine's Day never really feels that Valentiny(?) to me. It's typically just an excuse to go boozing with my other super-single friends.

  7. Ari- Indeed he does. :P YOU HAVE TO COME WITH US TONIGHT! Thank you.

    Apollo- Just another day my friend. Just another day.

  8. Oh, it's just so perfect! It makes her look much nicer than she is...good job.

  9. That cake topper is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! I didn't have a cake topper on my cake because I thought they were all so plain and "traditional." If I could've had you make me some, I probably would have changed my mind. :) So cute!


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