Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tricycle Motors

Daily I am reminded of the fact that I really like little people. Not like adults of small stature or leprechauns, but little people. As in munchkins. Miniature adults.

Tonight it was Miss Eva. My friend's daughter. She's almost three and so freakin' cool. Smart and funny. Not to mention adorable.

So, why do I have trouble typing, let alone saying, what they really are? Ch- ch- children. Seriously. That hurt.

For as long as I can remember I've been a little uncomfortable with the idea of mother and child. The whole parasitic pregnancy deal. The entire concept has mortified me since I was about eight. I was full of questions.

Really?! It grows inside of you, mooching nutrients, until it's so big it has to bust out! From where?!

Oh no no no. Not okay. I just kept seeing that scene from Spaceballs where that alien pops out of that guy's chest, and does a little number right there on the counter.

Then there's nursing and changing and all that jazz. It pretty much all scares me stupid. Not to mention when they get older.

The thought of not being able to protect them from everything is probably the one that will stop me from being a mother. I just can't stand the thought of the things that happened to me happening to any little kid. Let alone one that I bring into this world.

This is why I'm amazed at the fact that I love the little tricycle motors so much. Seriously adore them! They're amazing little sponges, full of resilience and strength. I love to be around them.

They scare me half to death. Yet, I'm crazy amazed and inspired by them.


  1. Ok, so I kind of love and hate this post at the same time.

    you like kids? Ugh. They piss me off.

    but spaceballs? awesome.

  2. I know the feeling. On top of everything you said, the thought that I could mentally/emotionally scar them is terrifying....

  3. I'm with you, dude. Like kids. Like to hang out with kids. Hate the idea of giving birth. Ick.

  4. been there done that - probably won't do it again.

  5. Matt- Well, I'm glad I redeemed myself. ^__^

    Ari- Yeah. There's the chance of passing on my mother's insanity. THAT WOMAN MUST BE STOPPED!

    Gnomespeak- Good to hear it grosses you out too. I always feel so unmaternal. Kinda makes me feel like there's something wrong with me sometimes.

    Texas Belle- Yeah. Your munchkin is one of the ones that makes me like the little curtain climbers.

  6. I kind of want her sunglasses.

  7. stealthnerd- With good reason. Those are some nice shades.


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