Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Listless List

As I have once again had a ridiculously busy day, I have no brain power left to compose. So, here's another list to keep you ravenous beasts appeased. 25 random things about my sleepy self.

1) I draw faces on my toes.

2) I have quite a few neighborly freckles who decided to move in together, and become heart-shaped.

3) My Mom and Dad call me Rosie.

4) I wear flip-flops until there is a threat of frost bite.

5) I'm pretty much a hippie minus the whole drugs and sexual revolution thing.

6)If my nails aren't pretty, I feel like a dirty hippie.

7) I love women through the eyes of Gustav Klimt. Usually. The ones that don't look like they have jaundice.

8) I have a possibly unhealthy attraction to Trent from Daria. He's so hot...he's making me sexist(FOTC plug. Sorry, but I just can't stop).

9) I am on a quest to own every Johnny Depp movie known to man. Even the one's I hate. Obsess much?

10) I am determined to one day visit New Zealand, Australia, Alaska and possibly Norway.

11) Late night animal planet shows give me nightmares. Did you know there is such a thing as a nasal leech?!?!?! Nightmare.

12) I don't drink caffeine, but tea makes me want to. I know I can have decaffeinated, but it's just not the same. So many nice cozy teas of which I will never partake. :(

13) Big city mentality depresses me severely. I want to run around staring people in the eyes, screaming, "We're all human!". I realize that I'm most likely insane.

14) I hate having to explain my name every. single. day. It's enough to make a girl lose the hyphenation.

15) I have an aversion to chai tea. Oh, the nasty milkiness of it all!

16) Lemon poppy seed muffins are like crack. Wait. What do they make out of poppies? Not crack. Whatever. I just mean I love them. Lemon poppy seed muffins. Ohm nom nom.

17) I have an Etsy shop, but have yet to post the first wonderful hand-made thing.

18) A few of my favorite phrases are: "Right as rain" and "Thick as thieves". Oh, and "Glorious!".

19) I get along really well with small children and most critters. Except large fowl. Geese. Turkeys. They have something against me.

20) I love caves and swimming, but definitely not swimming in caves. If there is the slightest bit of moisture in a cranny of some sort I freak out about the chances of it flooding.

21) People are all the time telling me I smell like fabric softener. Why this outsmells my Clinique, I do not know.

22) I had Chobap one time in Korea and it is my favorite food EVER! Can't find the ingredients here. :(

23) I forced myself to paint a landscape ONCE, and I'm contemplating making myself do it again. Just as an exercise, but oh how I dread it.

24) Time is something I cannot grasp. 15 minutes. 3 hours. Ummm...okay. I'm terminally late. It's an illness really.

25) If I'm around anyone with any accent for more than 30 minutes it starts rubbing off on me.


  1. I have a number 17 too!

  2. I get the same thing with accented people! It's really embarrassing because I always feel like they think that I'm mocking them... I can't help it! :p

  3. Opium is made from poppy seeds. The more you know!®©™

  4. Landscapes are of the devil - unless, of course, they contain purple haybales that look like demented grapes!

  5. Hi Heather Rose
    thanks for checking out my blog and being willing to share yours. I wish we could hang out. I like your style. Get that etsy site filled up so we can shop.

  6. I've never watched Daria -- but my boyfriend's name is Trent!

    I also have tried to get all the movies Johnny Depp has ever made. But hard to find old ones/expensive ones are stopping in me.

  7. Shannon- We will triumph!
    Astharis- I know! It's totally inadvertent.
    Apollo- You're such a wealth of knowledge. I think I'll keep you.
    Ari- Oh, how I loved your Monetesque hay bales.
    Elizabeth- I'm working on the Etsyness, and maybe I can crash a reunion w/Jodi sometime. Never know!
    Stephanie- You have a Trent! Oh my. Covet. Covet. ^__^

    My problem is there are a few I really didn't care for, but I still feel the need to own them. It's Mr. Depp's fault. If he wasn't so wonderful, I just wouldn't buy the ones with the plots that didn't woo me. As it is, I must buy them anyway. Huff.

  8. I will never understand the demand for Johnny Depp.

    I just dont see it!

  9. Matt- That's alright. I think Eva Longoria looks similar to a horse. A pretty horse, but a horse(Please don't hate me).


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