Wednesday, January 21, 2009

List Lust

I'm trying my best here to avoid slacking in the post department. It's approximately too late for too much coherent thought. So, I thought I'd make a lovely little(though I know very well that it may end up not-so-little)list. A lovely little list of things I love, and perhaps a photo or two. Perhaps. It's bed time, and I have to expedite this. I have to convince my brain that I'm not an art student anymore. I can sleep normal hours. If only.

I love...

1. Burt's Bees body soap because it doesn't mush all up when you drop it in the shower.
2. face scrubs that make your face tingly.
3. macs.
4. creepy cute things, much like anything Tim Burton's ever conjured up.
5. otters and their apparent outlook on life.
6. relationships and communication.
7. notebooks filled w/lists and coordinating doodles.
8. trying new things.
9. how bad stuff makes you appreciate good stuff.
10.trusting that God's got my back.
11.points for neatness.
12.the audacity of the bunnies I've known.
13.reading and writing.
14.flying kites.
15.making stuff.
16.making people happy.
17.being on time, but never am.
18.having warm(not hot)feet.
19.watching cats take baths.
20.fresh air.
21.camping and hiking.
22.children's books.
23.clean sheets.
24.puppy breath.
25.blowing bubbles. Oh, how I love blowing bubbles.

What do you think? 25 enough for now? I think I'll do a list of 25 things every week. Sound like a plan? Things I love. Things I hate. Things that are green. Ooh! That's next week. Yes. Yes.

I'll save the picture post for in the morning. Sweet dreams folks.


  1. Lovely list, my dear!

  2. I am totally with you on the clean sheets (mmmm. .. . totally doing laundry now this weekend!), but watching cats take baths? In my house it's a full contact sport where any people in a 20 foot radius are in danger of losing an eye! You must have some really good cats.

  3. Ari- Why, thank you.

    gnomespeak- Yeah. He's a Mainecoon, and he's all meticulous, yet mellow about it.


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