Monday, January 5, 2009

Fulsom 3rd & Howard

So, San Franshishkabob is alright. It's lots of things. It's pretty. It's ugly. It's a city.

The nice parts of the city rock, but the not-so-nice parts are definitely not my happy place. Our hotel is in the center of a block. Pull out of our parking garage and go left? I'm not depressed. Turn right? I'm done for. For hours.

I just can't handle the whole let's all ignore each other thing. I know it's in the spirit of self preservation and all, but I'm just not used to it. I can not talk myself into treating people like they're not there. Nor can I walk around with a don't talk to me or I'll clock you look on my face and maintain happy. I end up with a bad attitude and in an argument with Todd. It's great.

If I had a super power it would be transparency. I'm still not entirely sure how that would help me save the world, but it's my most attainable supernatural capability.

Solution? Avoid the not-so-nice parts of town filled with people I can't help or communicate with, and cultivate my transparency powers.


  1. I'm so sorry there are mean peoples!! Just stay in the "happy" parts of town!!!!

  2. It's not so much mean as it is hallow. It's really sad. I guess they're just getting by. I'm just a big weenie.


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