Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anger Management via Cuteness

In order to avoid an overly disgruntled post that would most likely offend all the good men of the world, I went in search of something pleasant to share with you all.

Where did my search lead me? Why, to Cute Overload, of course.

So, with no further it is. The cutest thing in the world.


  1. that is indeed enough to stave off the worst of thoughts.

  2. You've upped my desire for a puppy by like, a million.

  3. Ari- Straight from heaven, right?!

    MadamRaspberry- It really is. I look at it for a pick me up now and again.

    Stealthnerd- My work here is done. ^__^

  4. Cute Overload is so amazing!
    Puppy tocks!

  5. life cant always be about puppy dogs and candy canes.

  6. Dude if you could write a post that would only offend the good men of this world it would be the ultimate money-maker. I can see it now:

    "Questions about your man's sincerity? See if he's offended by this! If so, he's a keeper."

    Also, for cuteness plus hilarity please turn your browser to

    Unless you're offended by cute things and bad language, that is.

  7. Astharis- Isn't it though? I know!

    Matt- Says who?! I can't box, but I will TAKE YOU DOWN.

    Appollo- I'll be working on that. The world will thank me.

    Not opposed to cute things, and I have the ability to bleep out the offensive stuff. Thanks!


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