Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Listless List

As I have once again had a ridiculously busy day, I have no brain power left to compose. So, here's another list to keep you ravenous beasts appeased. 25 random things about my sleepy self.

1) I draw faces on my toes.

2) I have quite a few neighborly freckles who decided to move in together, and become heart-shaped.

3) My Mom and Dad call me Rosie.

4) I wear flip-flops until there is a threat of frost bite.

5) I'm pretty much a hippie minus the whole drugs and sexual revolution thing.

6)If my nails aren't pretty, I feel like a dirty hippie.

7) I love women through the eyes of Gustav Klimt. Usually. The ones that don't look like they have jaundice.

8) I have a possibly unhealthy attraction to Trent from Daria. He's so hot...he's making me sexist(FOTC plug. Sorry, but I just can't stop).

9) I am on a quest to own every Johnny Depp movie known to man. Even the one's I hate. Obsess much?

10) I am determined to one day visit New Zealand, Australia, Alaska and possibly Norway.

11) Late night animal planet shows give me nightmares. Did you know there is such a thing as a nasal leech?!?!?! Nightmare.

12) I don't drink caffeine, but tea makes me want to. I know I can have decaffeinated, but it's just not the same. So many nice cozy teas of which I will never partake. :(

13) Big city mentality depresses me severely. I want to run around staring people in the eyes, screaming, "We're all human!". I realize that I'm most likely insane.

14) I hate having to explain my name every. single. day. It's enough to make a girl lose the hyphenation.

15) I have an aversion to chai tea. Oh, the nasty milkiness of it all!

16) Lemon poppy seed muffins are like crack. Wait. What do they make out of poppies? Not crack. Whatever. I just mean I love them. Lemon poppy seed muffins. Ohm nom nom.

17) I have an Etsy shop, but have yet to post the first wonderful hand-made thing.

18) A few of my favorite phrases are: "Right as rain" and "Thick as thieves". Oh, and "Glorious!".

19) I get along really well with small children and most critters. Except large fowl. Geese. Turkeys. They have something against me.

20) I love caves and swimming, but definitely not swimming in caves. If there is the slightest bit of moisture in a cranny of some sort I freak out about the chances of it flooding.

21) People are all the time telling me I smell like fabric softener. Why this outsmells my Clinique, I do not know.

22) I had Chobap one time in Korea and it is my favorite food EVER! Can't find the ingredients here. :(

23) I forced myself to paint a landscape ONCE, and I'm contemplating making myself do it again. Just as an exercise, but oh how I dread it.

24) Time is something I cannot grasp. 15 minutes. 3 hours. Ummm...okay. I'm terminally late. It's an illness really.

25) If I'm around anyone with any accent for more than 30 minutes it starts rubbing off on me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Business Socks

Tonight's girls' night in at Ari's! Today's been pretty rough. So, I am so ready for some nothingness.

Our little routine consists of grabbing dinner and scampering up the mountain to her place. It is simply glorious. Even when things are beyond stressful, which they are right now, we manage to enjoy just being.

All the conditions are right for destressing and being silly little girls. Knitting. Watching goofy things on TV. All that is good and simple. Sounds riveting doesn't it? Well, it is.

So, I'm out of here...and have a strange urge to break into Business Time. I guess our Monday nights are sort of like "sweet weekly love." Sort of.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anger Management via Cuteness

In order to avoid an overly disgruntled post that would most likely offend all the good men of the world, I went in search of something pleasant to share with you all.

Where did my search lead me? Why, to Cute Overload, of course.

So, with no further it is. The cutest thing in the world.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Rockin' 80's Hair

It's way too late to be in Blogland, but I'm dedicated. What can I say?

This week has been far too hectic. Considering that a couple close friends of mine have had way more psychotic experiences, I'm going to try to be thankful. No complaining here. I got out alive, and that's good enough for me.

It's the weekend! Better yet, it's sabbath. A whole day to rest. Rapture.

It's already begun, too. I took an unnecessary bath for kicks. Bubbles. Hazelnut cream candle. Husband strumming the guitar in the distance. Le sigh.

I now have rockin' I didn't use any gel 80's hair, and it's time for bed.

Sweet dreams, friends.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Furry Stress Reliever

Today has been an exceedingly hectic day, and I am in need of some relaxation. Seriously. Can I go get a pedicure? I've done that one time, and it was pretty calming. Well, until the soaking part was over and the chick started touching my feet, and scraping hide off.

Anyhow, I don't know what to do to unwind. It's after work hours, and I'm just waiting on a call to head out, but I'm seriously uptight at the moment. I wish my cat was here. I could rough his fur all up and force him to take a straightening bath. And he can't just go part of the way. He's in for the long haul. Which means he'd have to wash between his toes meticulously. Which is like a sedative to me for some reason.

It takes like fifteen minutes of him sprawling out his tootsies, cramming his tongue between them, and purring like tomorrow will not be happening. I know it has to taste bad, but the soothingness of it all must outweigh the grodiness(I'm pretty sure that's not a word, and if it were that wouldn't be how you'd spell it).

Did you know cats take comfort baths? I learned that on Cats 101 the other night. They do it to calm themselves. Just like a bubble bath and some candles. Only furrier and it leaves that hiney taste in your mouth. Ick.

I always thought cats were just little furry obsessive compulsive freaks. Guess not.

Wow. That just turned into a post entirely about kitty grooming habits. Unintentional, I assure you.

What do you do to wind down after a stressful day/week/existence?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

List Lust

I'm trying my best here to avoid slacking in the post department. It's approximately too late for too much coherent thought. So, I thought I'd make a lovely little(though I know very well that it may end up not-so-little)list. A lovely little list of things I love, and perhaps a photo or two. Perhaps. It's bed time, and I have to expedite this. I have to convince my brain that I'm not an art student anymore. I can sleep normal hours. If only.

I love...

1. Burt's Bees body soap because it doesn't mush all up when you drop it in the shower.
2. face scrubs that make your face tingly.
3. macs.
4. creepy cute things, much like anything Tim Burton's ever conjured up.
5. otters and their apparent outlook on life.
6. relationships and communication.
7. notebooks filled w/lists and coordinating doodles.
8. trying new things.
9. how bad stuff makes you appreciate good stuff.
10.trusting that God's got my back.
11.points for neatness.
12.the audacity of the bunnies I've known.
13.reading and writing.
14.flying kites.
15.making stuff.
16.making people happy.
17.being on time, but never am.
18.having warm(not hot)feet.
19.watching cats take baths.
20.fresh air.
21.camping and hiking.
22.children's books.
23.clean sheets.
24.puppy breath.
25.blowing bubbles. Oh, how I love blowing bubbles.

What do you think? 25 enough for now? I think I'll do a list of 25 things every week. Sound like a plan? Things I love. Things I hate. Things that are green. Ooh! That's next week. Yes. Yes.

I'll save the picture post for in the morning. Sweet dreams folks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kisses For The Missis

Despite my semi-strict Must Post Daily rule, I've been on an unintentional mini hiatus. I've managed to stay just busy enough to keep from writing, and I feel majorly guilty! Like my loyal readers are lost without me. Hold yourselves together folks!

I apologize to my faithful few. I heart you.

Now, for this first kiss post.

My first REAL kiss story is probably pretty lame, but I'm okay with that. At 17 I'd had a peck on the cheek or two, but nothing more than that, and nary a boyfriend. On top of being a little afraid of men-having grown up seeing my Mom get knocked around-I have never, and probably will never be good at flirting.

Anyhow, I'm 17 and head over heels for Todd. Yes, the same Todd as my husband person. We had been dating for probably three months before he built up the courage to kiss me. At the rate we went, holding hands and hugging took those first two and a half months.

So, there we were. Standing by his truck in my driveway in the dark. We had already said goodbye and were both just lingering. I knew he wanted to kiss me, and I wanted him to. So I was all looking up at the stars innocently. Waiting.

When he came in for the kill? I freaked. I giggled like an idiot and buried my head in his chest. He kissed the top of my head instead and hugged me. I could tell he wanted to choke me, but it was involuntary. It was cold and we were both shivering and chattering teeth. I hugged him into his truck and he drove home.

The next night, in my room, we sat indian style in the floor. We were playing cards or monopoly or something. He leaned over and kissed me.

We were so cute. That first one was a little awkward, but nice enough to get me hooked. Kisses are my favorite.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tricycle Motors

Daily I am reminded of the fact that I really like little people. Not like adults of small stature or leprechauns, but little people. As in munchkins. Miniature adults.

Tonight it was Miss Eva. My friend's daughter. She's almost three and so freakin' cool. Smart and funny. Not to mention adorable.

So, why do I have trouble typing, let alone saying, what they really are? Ch- ch- children. Seriously. That hurt.

For as long as I can remember I've been a little uncomfortable with the idea of mother and child. The whole parasitic pregnancy deal. The entire concept has mortified me since I was about eight. I was full of questions.

Really?! It grows inside of you, mooching nutrients, until it's so big it has to bust out! From where?!

Oh no no no. Not okay. I just kept seeing that scene from Spaceballs where that alien pops out of that guy's chest, and does a little number right there on the counter.

Then there's nursing and changing and all that jazz. It pretty much all scares me stupid. Not to mention when they get older.

The thought of not being able to protect them from everything is probably the one that will stop me from being a mother. I just can't stand the thought of the things that happened to me happening to any little kid. Let alone one that I bring into this world.

This is why I'm amazed at the fact that I love the little tricycle motors so much. Seriously adore them! They're amazing little sponges, full of resilience and strength. I love to be around them.

They scare me half to death. Yet, I'm crazy amazed and inspired by them.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Well Digger's Brassiere?

I'm not going to complain about the fact that it was pretty chilly the entire time that Todd and I were in California.

I'm not even going to mention that it started to warm up the day we left, and that it is supposed to snow here tomorrow!

What I'm not going to ignore is the fact that I'm uncomfortably cold right now! What is up with this office?!

I have my heater running, my wool coat on and my nose is still colder than a...what was it? A well diggers butt...somewhere cold? A witch's brass brassiere? I don't know. My Mom always has the greatest phrases, and I never fail to butcher them. I'm just freezing.

I'm going to get in my Jeep, crank up the heat, listen to some Sublime and go home!

Monday, January 12, 2009


For those of you reading for the first time(Notice the optimism that I may have new readers. Positive thinking, people. Mind over matter.) my husband and I just returned from a trip to California. In an attempt to sum up, settle back in at home and move on I've chosen a few pleasant bits of our trip to San Francisco to share with you. Via my new camera.

Buena Yerba Gardens

View of the city from Buena Yerba Gardens

Lovely Cathedral somewhere in San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge

Rodeo Cove

Redwoods at Muir Woods National Forest

Panoramic Highway on the way to Muir Beach

Gorgeous Muir Beach

I have about 400 more photos, but I won't subject you. If you'd like to see them I'm in the process of putting them on my Myspace(Yes. I said Myspace. Call me old school. Call me faithful. I have put too much time into that thing to go running to Facebook every time I need to upload).

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hands Off The Bloomies

At the moment I can not feel my nose. Am I roughing it out in the California wilderness? No. No, I'm merely attempting to get my laundry done on the fourth floor.

I suppose if no one sleeps in here they figure they don't need to heat it.

Little multitasker/slightly neurotic chick that I am, I decided to just take the laptop and sketchbook with me. Figured I'd hang out with my laundry. We're tight.

Is it odd to assume some weirdo(no offense strange guy in the parking garage)might help themselves to your bloomies while you're not around?

Anyhow, after the laundry is finito I'm going to pick up Todd and head to the wharf again. I just love those ill tempered sea lions.

And pictures are coming soon! I have to steal the Mac from the hubs. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I have inadvertently fallen in love with this place. In part at least.

It's got some really beautiful places, which I will post pictures of at some point. Right now I need to be in the shower and going to pick up the husband person. We're going to the zoo, where I will most likely attempt to set some inadequately caged critter free. Maybe not. Perhaps this zoo is nicer than others. I hope.

My new favorite thing is to smile people to death-or life rather. It's been working too! I have proudly smiled at least 8 people out of their zombie death walks. It really throws their groove off, but I'm okay with that.

The guys are the best, but I have to be careful with them. Too big of a smile and they're starting a conversation. Then I have to quickly mention my husband and watch their little faces drop. Not that there are a ton of interested parties. Just two actually.

Anyhow, I'm surviving at this point. I just avoid the things that make me cry. If I can fix it, then I will. If I can't I'll steer clear. And I fill my time up with a gazillion fun things. Shops around the Moscone Center. All the fun free things. Pretty places to roam around. Parks to picnic in.

I will always be a southern girl I suppose. I like to go to cities, but I'm not sure I'd want to adjust to living in one. I love always having somewhere to go and something to do, but I can do without hiding up on the twelfth floor to escape the sounds of cars and sirens. I need grass and trees, more dirt than asphalt, birds singing and wind blowing to be the predominant sound. Kentucky, Florida and Alabama have spoiled me rotten, I guess.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My first impression of this city was of a couple really kind people.

The dude sitting next to me on the plane. He and his husband live here in SF. He was friendly and full of information. Just an all around wonderful guy.

So, I was ready to love it here. To the point of preparing myself to fall head over heals, and beg my husband to move to this glorious city by the Pacific.

Yet, it seems heartless to me now. Dead. It's the first place to ever make me feel truly disconnected.

I've crossed paths with a few people who search for a pair of eyes to connect with. A passing nod. A quick smile, easily wiped away. Harmless.

So, I know there's a pulse. I felt it. It just flat lined.

Is everyone just sporting their I'm a robot mask, or what?

Don't they die a little each time they pass someone without even so much as a glance? No acknowledgment at all. That uncomfortable "don't look at/talk to me" facade. Ick.

I understand why we do it, but doesn't it hurt? Just a little?

Everywhere I look I see shadows of people walking the streets. Streets lined with the disregarded insane, and the people who went hallow in order to keep their hearts from breaking.

What can you do?

Are other big cities like this? Am I just a country bumpkin, or does it seem like this to everyone?

On the brighter side. Nature always saves me. We went to Golden Gate Park yesterday and it was gourgeous. We took the scenic drive. The bridge was beautiful in the fog.

I am so going to Pier 39 to see some sea lions.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Fulsom 3rd & Howard

So, San Franshishkabob is alright. It's lots of things. It's pretty. It's ugly. It's a city.

The nice parts of the city rock, but the not-so-nice parts are definitely not my happy place. Our hotel is in the center of a block. Pull out of our parking garage and go left? I'm not depressed. Turn right? I'm done for. For hours.

I just can't handle the whole let's all ignore each other thing. I know it's in the spirit of self preservation and all, but I'm just not used to it. I can not talk myself into treating people like they're not there. Nor can I walk around with a don't talk to me or I'll clock you look on my face and maintain happy. I end up with a bad attitude and in an argument with Todd. It's great.

If I had a super power it would be transparency. I'm still not entirely sure how that would help me save the world, but it's my most attainable supernatural capability.

Solution? Avoid the not-so-nice parts of town filled with people I can't help or communicate with, and cultivate my transparency powers.