Friday, December 5, 2008

Wishful Thinking

Let's take a moment to recognize just how much I wanted it to snow a foot last night. A lot. A whole freaking lot.

I realize I live in the south now, but I'll never stop hoping. Growing up in Kentucky/Indiana winter meant snow. Snowmen. Sledding down Sycamore Hill. Snowball fights. Glorious, wonderful, magical snow.

Here in Alabama, if it flurries they call school off. Seriously. They had one rough winter. Snowed folks in and all. I think it was in 93. Anyhow, it happened right before we moved here. So, everyone is always talking about the snow they got "that year," and buying all the bread and milk if the weather dude mentions a 1% chance of accumulation. I'm not joking.

If it had snowed I wouldn't be going to work, or out of bed.. That's how awesome it would've been. Alas, all it did was freeze. There will be some patches to avoid on my way in this morning, but that's it. Sigh.

Now I'm hoping for 2 feet on Sunday evening/Monday morning. My doggies are snug as bugs in a rug with their hay filled doggy house. Under the trees, up on stilts. So, as long as I know they'll be cozy, I'm ready for a blizzard.


  1. It's ridiculus how quickly bread and milk sell out here! Seriously, what are you going to do with bread and milk if your electricity goes out?! Have soggy bread? I doubt it.

  2. I suppose they could always pack the refrigerated stuff out in the snow, but really now. Drives me nuts.

    I'll be okay. They never buy up the rice milk. ^__^


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