Monday, December 15, 2008

Unusual As Usual

Before I get started yammering, here's my newest creation. She's a variation of my owlie. I love her!

From now until Christmas I'm going to be sewing and knitting my fingers off. At some point this whole making people stuff for Christmas thing started getting out of hand, but it's worth it!

Okay. So, I like to celebrate unusual things. Random holidays for example. One of my favorites is this New Zealand holiday. Not that New Zealand holidays are unusual. They just qualify as unusual to me, seeing as I'm not a New Zealander.

In January I look forward to Dress Up Your Pet Day. It's January fourteenth and none of you should pass up this opportunity to pamper/humiliate the critters you love. The day after Christmas I'm going to start knitting this kitty hoodie. I know Kimchi will never forgive me, but I can't help myself. He'll just be so darn cute and cozy.

Today I want to celebrate my 105th post. Why I didn't feel as if I should celebrate the 100th, I'm not so sure.

Anyhow, I've been blathering for quite some time now and I just love it. Letting some of the nonsense in this head of mine out to play is a good thing. I thank anyone who has the attention span to muddle through it, and I love to read your comments. By "your" I mean my faithful few. You now who you are. THE ONLY ONES READING THIS.

I try not to compare Matt, Ben and Chris' gazillion comments to my two-maybe three? I'm going for quality not quantity here, people.

Oh, who am I kidding? I covet commentage! There! I've said it and I'm glad! Glad!

I will press forward undaunted.


As if I too am a successful male blogger with an entourage of female followers.


I will triumph!

Chunks of love to my loyal subjects. All three or four of you. One loves you. Kiss. Kiss.


  1. I might be able to get the Morgan to wear a cat hoodie, but I'm pretty sure the rest might eat my face.
    Love the owlie.

  2. Im sorry Heather, you're going to hate me when I type this...

    but dressing your pet up = weird.

    Those poor animals arent having fun when you put clothes on them!

  3. I only subscribed to your blog yesterday, but congrats on 105!

    Pets in clothes is mostly funny, until someone starts dressing them as if they were a child. That worries me slightly. :p

    I love your little owlie too!

  4. Gnomespeak- Thanks. Yeah-Kimchi is so docile. He'll do anything, but let you dry him w/the blow dryer after a bath.

    Matt- I'm sticking to our deal. He likes to be covered up. So, I'm only going to SEE if he hates it. If he does-it's one picture and never again. I know. I'm evil. But I swear I'm not one of THOSE people.

    Astharis- HELLO!?! Yeah. I'm a firm believer in fluff=critter clothes. They don't need help-unless it's so cute it hurts and you've got to do it in order to document the cuteness. Right? ^__^

  5. Wow! I'm not the first person today! Yay!

    Can you imagine me trying to wrangle clothes on to Matthias?! What a sight that would be! I'm really doing good if he can keep a bandana on for more than 5 seconds!


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