Monday, December 29, 2008


Top Row/Left to Right: Todd, Jodi's little sister, Jodi's husband person
Bottom Row/Left to Right: Me, Jodi, Her Mom

I have a love hate relationship with this picture. It's nice, but then kind of 80's sitcomish. Not exactly sure why I'm up in the air about it, but it's full of people I love, so I'm dealing.

This is part of that adopted family I'm always referring to. I've been pseudo sister/daughter in this family for 15 years now, and the fact that I've known anyone that long still blows my mind. That's what moving around as a child will do for ya. You get used to not knowing anyone longer than a couple years at a time.

So, anyway. This was our Saturday. We decided, since it was about 70 degrees in December, we'd go on an outing after church.

Again, yes I go to church on Saturday, and no I'm not Jewish. Not that I have a problem with Jewish folk. I just happen to keep sabbath and believe in Jesus, which makes me not Jewish.

Is it terribly obvious that I get asked about tabernacle ALL THE TIME? No tabernacle. Not Jewish people. Sorry.

Anyhow, we had great fun. Ended up playing Wii sports into the wee hours of the morning, watching episodes of Fresh Prince that we'd all seen a billion times, and eventually passing out.

Oh, and I Sharpied little sister's Chucks.

They now rock.

Not so eventful, but wonderful.

Tonight Ari, Jodi and her husband, and Todd and I are meeting with another old chum. He and Ari and I went to college together.

Can't wait.


  1. I love the picture!!!!! And your adopted family and their very British addition!

  2. Ari- Yay!

    I just can't help thinking we look a little like the Brady bunch w/a token British/black dude. I'm just crazy.

    Dinner was great. I didn't realize how much I missed Ian.

    And I think you held your own pretty well. Being the lone meat eater and all. ^__^


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