Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fundamental Fundependability

Kitty noses are things of great beauty. At least I think so. Do they ever get warm? Can they get warm? In my experience they are perpetually cold and wet.

Kimchi's nose is exceptionally cute, if I do say so myself, and I do. And I should know. I see it first thing every morning. He likes to waltz up to my face and push his nose to mine and start loving on me. Love I tell you. Complete. Unadulterated. Love.

Now, I know it's to get me to refill his bowl of Iams Weight Management Kitty Kibble(the vet says he might be genetically predisposed to be "chunky"), but it's love too. A nice cozy relationship full of trust and reliability. Fundamental fundapendability.

All my cats were always psychotic gypsy nut jobs. They fit right in with my family. Grade A neurotic.
Love me. Pet me. Okay...stop or I'll eat you. Never mind. I'm leaving.

This is not the case with the newest addition to the Click family. He is oh so sweet and cuddly. I've never met a more lovable feline. All eleven and a half pounds of fluff are full of love.

That picture up there? Todd's posing his wittle mug to get that picture for me. Kimchi? Didn't mind in the least. Just purred the whole dang time.

I love him. Stinky hind end and all. Think I'll go home to him now actually, and my hubby. ^__^


  1. it is a cute nose....

  2. I think Max is probably the LEAST friendly cat I've ever known, but I love him anyway.

    Kitty noses are adorable.

  3. I laughed really hard because it looks like you are choking your cat.

    what? Thats not funny?

  4. Ari- Aye.

    Cody- Max sounds like a previous kitty o' mine.

    Matt- It does and it is. Poor Kimchi! ^__^


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