Monday, December 8, 2008

The Mondays

I've got a case of 'em. Plenty to do to keep me busy, and yet I feel like a nap might do me good. A nap and my kitty. Doing something crafty and then a nap and my kitty. That would be good right about now.

My drive in this morning ought to be fun. I'll be fighting off sleep with The Shins and cold air.

I hope I'll be more alive for the trek to Ari's for Girls' Night In. We've been redeeming Mondays pretty faithfully for a while now. It's great. She and the very awesome Ashley have Girl's Night Out on Fridays. We've converged once and plan on it in the future. We natives of Planet Awesome try to get together whenever we can.

What's that? You're dying to know what gloriously interesting, fun and productive things we'll be doing tonight? Well, besides playing with Puppy and keeping secrets from her husband person, we'll be creating little bits o' joy.

I'll be making Christmas ornaments for a church bazaar(like the gloriously sparkly one pictured above). As for Ari? I'm pretty sure she'll be knitting, as she almost always is.

We keep trying to sell this craftiness as cool and admirable. Making stuff is fun, and it's all anti-mass merchandising. Some people just aren't convinced. My husband calls us little old ladies and Matt says we're dorks.

We're oppressed I think. ^__^


  1. Via la crafty revolution! They're just jealous of how cool we are, that's all!

  2. Hey!!! I'm diggin the new look you got over here.

  3. Ari- Of course!

    Matt- Thank you. Me too!


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