Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

My boss uttered these promising words of hope today.
"If it's icy in the morning, y'all don't try coming in. I won't be here to know if you did or not."
Okay bloggers. I need ice. How, pray tell do I think I'm going to accomplish this? I figure we can make it happen through the power of suggestion.

I mean, isn't that how Storm does it? She just rolls her pretty little eyeballs back in her head all exorcist-like and WHAMMO. Positive thinking.

If that fails I will resort to my ice dance. Watch the weather channel in the morning to see what the verdict is on ice in Alabama. No ice? You can rest assured that I'm moshing in my driveway with my ice trays at 7AM sharp.

You think I'm kidding.


  1. It was a sad morning for me....

  2. Ari- Yeah. I'm feeling a little alone here on the whole positive thinking endeavor. Sigh.

  3. Maybe you should do an ice dance.

    and put it on youtube.

    and post it on your blog.

    and wear a funny hat.

    and I'm done.

  4. Matt-You'd like that. Wouldn't you?


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