Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Germy Crafting

I think I caught Matt's crud. Virtually of course. Cough. Sniff. Sneeze. Ugh.

It's not too bad yet. Hopefully I can triumph with water and sunshine.

I was planning on dragging myself to work and spreading the love, but Todd decided to take the day off. So...yeah. I broke.

Here I am watching Pink Panther, sniffling in the sunshine, and making Christmas ornaments. As soon as it warms up I'm venturing out for some vitamin D. It's off to my Pastor's house to let their doggy out.

They're out of town and their doberman loves me. Her name is Taffy, and she's a gorgeous chocolate/tan doggy. She's so sweet and always happy to see me. We go outside to romp and hang out, and she talks to me and wags her nub.

I look forward to my doggy date. I get all cabin fevery if I'm stuck at home all day.


  1. Honestly, it is going around all over the place!

    there's like 3 people in the office that I have infected.

    but I feel better now though...

    so hopefully it doesnt last long!!

  2. YAY! I finally beat Ari to comment!

  3. What?! You always beat me! People have the crud here too! I'm headed home but with an upset tummy....

    oh - your work is "comer"

  4. Crud aside your day off sounds like a great day...I'm actually a teeny bit jealous!

  5. Matt- II hope not. I'm back at work and have an evil headache.

    Ari- Is this a new owrd I don't know about cause I haven't read your new post yet?

    Stealthnerd- Yeah. The day off is nice. Just wish I felt better.

    Texas Belle- Thank you!


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