Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Stress Over These Things

For your viewing pleasure...two very fun hand painted fleece scarves!

Side note: Fleece is evil, and rotary tools are the devil.

Christmas is creeping closer, and my crafting is almost complete! I can't wait until that bright and shining moment when everything is finished. I will mark the last name off my list and weep. Weep for joy, you hear?!

In an attempt to spare you from yet another "I'm overloaded and it's my own fault" post, I will be taking advantage of the fact that I've been tagged!

Ari tagged me to list seven random/quirky things about myself. So, with no further adieu.

1) My name is written on page 77 of every book I own-except my bible.
2) I have a tattoo of one of my drawings-a snail.
3) I used to play with the feathers in Stevie Ray Vaughan's hat when I was a baby. He and Lonnie Mack were friends of my Grandpa Jerry's.
4) Helena Bonham Carter is my girl crush.
5) Bunnies and otters make me cry.
6) I'm a non-alcoholic lush.
7) I had my nose broken with a baseball bat when I was little, and now I can pop it.

Alright folks. You're it: Ashley, Matt, Becca, Lauren or guest blogger(which I'm now counting as two), Andy, and The Dutchess!

* Link to your original tagger(s).
* Share seven facts about yourself in the post-some random, some weird.
* Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
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* List these rules.


  1. okay for some odd reason your blog doesn't update on my list... too weird. :) i get to open presents tomorrow - you? lol Merry Christmas - good luck getting everything done! i have two redos tonight and then i'm done! woohoo!

  2. Are tags like high fives?

    High five back at ya!!!


    You know, I always plan to do things but honestly, I never do.

    but thanks!

  3. Those are so cool, the scarves!

  4. Ashley- I do actually. At my mother in law's. Yay!

    Matt- Truthfully, I expected you to politely decline.

    Oh! I saw the card you sent Ari tonight. Wait til you receive mine!



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