Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gloom & Doom

I've never really done this before, but I'm giving my husband the silent treatment. Mind you, this will not be easy. I don't play off silent very well at all. I am always the first to send up the white flag, whether I was at fault or not. I just hate arguing. But that will not happen this day.

I had an extremely rough morning, and he was unsympathetic and just plain mean to me. Even when I told him that I left my lunch, yummy egg rolls, on top of my Jeep as I left for work this morning.

It was raining on me. I had my hands full. The egg rolls were frozen and causing my fingers to go numb. So, I sat them on my roof. Innocent enough, but oh the repercussions.

So, they bounced off into a mud puddle. Face down. Thus adding to my horrible morning. All because of the rain!

When I called my husband for pity. That is what I wanted. Just an "Oh no, baby." Instead I got a lecture on how me being me just annoys him. The gist was that I am an ineffective moron. When I asked him to please stop, and I said it loudly, he hung up on me.

Now, in his measly defense, he had a rough morning too. I understand snapping, but I do not condone HANGING UP ON ME FOR NO REASON and then not apologizing.

I'm not one for games. I hate them and I do NOT play them. Manipulating someones actions and emotions creeps me out. It's like an evil science project, but today I am not speaking to him until he admits that hanging up on me was not justified, and apologizes for being a big mean man.

Furthermore, I blame all of this on the weather. The rain is killing us. The clouds are blocking out the sky and sun, and we will all die soon.


  1. I'm so!

    You can always come hide up here in the fog....with Kermit!

  2. Weak. I hate coming in second...

    I only lost because I had to log into stupid google first...

  3. but yeah...

    the egg rolss should still be ok...

    dont fret.

  4. Ari- See? Was that so hard?

    Matt- Stupid Google. A couple of the egg rolls had to be disposed of, but it was alright. ^__^


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