Monday, December 22, 2008

And You Give Yourself Away

I don't know if it's the whole Christmas season thing, or if I'm just hormonal, but I've been crying about everything lately.


Thursday it was an Egyptian hairless kitty. I went to visit my friend Stephen-to hang out and paint before he left for Chicago. I followed him to his friend's house and there she was. All tiny and furless. I teared up.

Friday it was bunny socks. I had to refrain from blinking in order not to cry.

Saturday it was my Mom's little crippled doggy. Ewok is 14 and a long one. He's losing control of his back legs. I cried in the bathroom.

Yesterday it was a series of text messages with Jodi. I randomly sent her the lyrics to that "With or Without You" song. It's an inside joke with us. Anyhow, when she responded with the next line, I started balling. Like someone called me fat and ugly and stole my puppy. Seriously.

So, as of late, I'm a weenie. It doesn't take much, and I'm in the all out throws of an emotional breakdown. A tiny, short-lived emotional breakdown, but a breakdown none-the-less.

I'm pretty sure I'm not hormonal. I don't usually have that problem.

So, is it the holidays or what?!


  1. I'm pretty emotional a lot of the time... Like, I get overwhelmed by pretty much anything out of nowhere. In general, my emotions are up and down quite a lot at this time of the year, so it might just be because of the season.

  2. I'm hoping so.

    This is a tad more unstable than I'm used to. ^_^

  3. That picture will haunt my dreams tonight...

    Im sure of it.

  4. i'm moody too - i cried at kermit the other day! but i think mine is hormonal...'tis the season!

  5. Matt- So, did you have sweet dreams?

    Ari- Yeah. We're weenies, but I love us.

  6. Good Morning Starshine! You've been tagged.

  7. Merry Christmas!!!! You have been tagged!

  8. That kitty is so strange looking....

    So what have I been tagged to do? Tell you 7 random things about me? Let me know and I'll see what I can do-

  9. Ashley- We must have tagged each other at about the same time?!? I'm confused.

    Andy- Yay!


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