Monday, November 17, 2008

Unmonumental Bliss

Well, the weekend is over and I had to give Ariana back to her husband and puppy. Zombies were apparently taking over their home, while she and I were in our cozy little world of knitting, sculpting and yapping. Believe me you, any weekend with lovely ladies, knitting needles and The Big Lebowski is a weekend worth remembering. We even managed to force Todd into retreating(with my guitar and amp) into the bedroom. SCORE! Girls night in achieved. Freakin' A!

What interesting things have I to tell? Hmmm...perhaps nothing. I gave Ari one of the two Muppet magnets I've been in the process of making her. Kermit, Pepe and Animal are her favorites. She's got Pepe and I'm holding the other one hostage until tonight. For your viewing pleasure...heeeere's Pepe!

This very unmonumental post reminds me of how thankful I am to be able to enjoy such smallness. No big deals or earth shattering news. Just me and loved ones. Just being. Just creating. It's nice. My world has seemed vary ominous and scary in the past. I like what it's become, or how it's maintaining.

Oh the hippiness! I need food. Enjoy your days peoples!


  1. People always ask how my evening was last night... invariably my answer is "uneventful"... Which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how the rest of the day was...

  2. Hehehe! We triumphed!

    BTW - Mark loves Pepe!

  3. You guys are dorks...

    and I just learned Ari's name is Ariana...

    I wasn't sure until now.

  4. Liam- True True

    Ari- I say we have these nonmonunental slumber parties monthly. What say you? ^_-

    Matt- You know you wish you were invited. I bet you secretly knit.

  5. I love Pepe!! That magnet is adorable.


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