Thursday, November 20, 2008


Who here has seen Stranger Than Fiction? For those of you who haven't, make a point to see it, for me? Please. I love that movie! Not only is it an amazing piece of literature/cinematography, but it also paints a pretty accurate picture of a tax man.

Up until today I believed that only in this movie could a tax man become something other than an awkward, uptight wad of idiosyncrasies.

Today I met our new tax man. He's normal?! Wha?! Polite and personable?! No way! This guy was not in the least bit strange. On the surface he seems to be kosher, but we'll see. I'm still doubtful.

Last year I had to endure listening to a bagpipe version of Beach Boys Christmas songs while the odd little man sifted through mounds of paperwork. No. I'm not kidding. For THREE WHOLE DAYS I had to try not to laugh, and ultimately kill that greasy, shifty eyed tax man. I would run up to his lap top and turn down the music anytime he was away from it. Then he'd come back and mumble how strange it was that it kept turning itself down, and he'd turn it up even louder.

Here's to the slightest bit of normalcy in all auditors.


  1. I often feel the need to act out Maggie Gyllenhaal's little speech from that movie;

    "Listen, I'm a big supporter of fixing potholes and erecting swing sets and building shelters. I am *more* than happy to pay those taxes. I'm just not such a big fan of the percentage that the government uses for national defense, corporate bailouts, and campaign discretionary funds. So, I didn't pay those taxes."

    Totally agree.

    ...Bagpipe. Beach Boys. Christmas music? Could there be anything worse? Ahh, yes... it could be coming from crappy, tinny-sounding laptop speakers. That's right.

  2. After reading the title of your post all I could think of was "Tax Man" by the Beatles....ironically it started playing on my iPod....

  3. I would be pissed off if I had to listen to the bag pipe version of anything!

  4. Cody- You COMPLETELY understand.

    Ari- Glad to be of service.

    Matt- I was not a happy camper, that's for sure.


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