Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election vs. Biology

I'm ignoring all of this politicalness, although I did go vote last night.^__^
I'd rather focus on this strange pheromone I've realized I must give off. It's not your everyday, run of the mill, 26 year old female pheromone. It's one that attracts dudes twice my age, often times with obvious emotional problems. Why me?!

I don't know. Maybe I share these chemicals with all other young adult females. Perhaps we all get hit on by "those guys" now and again? Ladies, isn't it upsetting after a while? Do you start considering what it is you could be subconsciously doing to give these guys the idea that you might be in the least bit interested?

Johnny Depp is my father's age, but for some odd reason the idea of him hitting on me doesn't upset me. Maybe it's because I know he wouldn't do it at a gas station. Maybe it's because I know he wouldn't do it from inside his Ghetto Beretta! Maybe it's because I know he's married to a skinny French chick. Maybe.

The guy that hit on me at the gas station this morning, did it from deep inside his nasty, smelly car. He had to be in his late forties. A smoker. Obviously married-judging by the ring he displayed on his left hand, resting on the steering wheel. What was this dude thinking? Really? Do any of you men have any inkling what might've been going through this guy's brain-if it did indeed exist?

I was leaning against my Jeep, pumping my 18 gallons full. He pulled up in front of me and said, "No disrespect Ma'am, but you're just breath taking". I stood in awe of the fact that this was actually happening. I thought maybe I'd wake up. It could all be a bad dream. He was serious. He was SO serious, and awaited my reply.

There I stood in my raggedy blue jeans, an alumni tee and blue sparkly flip flops. Today was not a cute day. I didn't sleep well and I didn't care. I had no appointments. I made it a point to be comfy today. Comfy does not equal breath taking! I'm not even decent! And this guy was serious. It took me what seemed like an eternity to say, "Yeah". That was followed by an awkward, "Have a nice day" as I quickly quit pumping gas and hopped in my Jeep to escape.

I would let this go, but it's not the first time this kind of thing has happened. Rarely am I ever hit on by guys my age. I am told on pretty much a daily basis that I look 17, maybe 18. Yet, I seem to specifically attract 40 plus men wearing wedding rings. ICKY!

Am I doing something to warrant this attention? Seriously.


  1. I'm so sorry!!! At least your creepy people speak English! I normally get a truck full of Mexicans!

  2. I've gotten a work truck packed full of hispanic guys before, but it's not a recurring event like this. Le sigh.

  3. I dont get the Johnny Depp thing...

    why do girls find him so hot?

  4. Ever since I was a little girl I've thought he was sexy. I don't know why exactly.

    As an adult, I think it has a lot to do with his work. His love of art, and his confidence/wisdom. Maybe I just tell myslef that.

    It might just be the rockin' roller thing.

  5. Dude. I feel your pain. I get carded, but I get hit on by skeevy old dudes. Then I go home and shower.


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