Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Randomness Ensues

I had every intention of telling you all about the conference I attended in Louisville this past week, and all the cool stuff I heard, saw and consumed. Alas, I'm back to the real world and too overloaded to focus on any one thing.

Please accept a few random photos and brief food reviews as a legitimate post. I'll write something entertaining when I have more brain power to offer.

First up? Food was awesome! We ate at Jarfi's, Lynn's Paradise Cafe, and The Grape Leaf-who doesn't have a site apparently. All so good. Vegetarian wonderfulness. Om nom nom. Well, Lynn's wasn't exactly veggie friendly, but the quirkiness of the joint made up for it. We went there for breakfast anyhow, and that's not really a meaty meal.

Next subject! This guy is lying around on Fourth Street in down town Louisville. Not sure what happened to the rest of him. He's wearing a giant conical hat. He reminded me of the door knockers from Labyrinth.

And then...Todd accompanied me on a visit to the Muhammad Ali Center on Friday. In addition to his amazing story, there was all this great youth art about hopes and dreams. It was thousands of little four inch blocks plastering the walls. I so plan on getting some of the kids at our shelter to do some strength art work, and we'll make our own.^__^

Ooh, and I made yet another owlie. I actually made two, but Polky here's the only one I photographed. He was for my sister, and I have accepted the fact that he will inevitably end up an eyeless chew toy. Alone and blind in a corner. Her rotten kitties, Zoe and Chloe, are twin Siamese. They are the epitome of Si and Am from Lady & The Tramp. F-U-Z-Z-Y E-V-I-L I tell you.

To wrap it up, I've recently joined a handmade swappy thing called swap-bot. I completed my first swap and shipped it off to some chick in Canada. It was a handmade bookmark swap. Since she likes hedgehogs I water colored this little guy. He's kind of a rip off from the Russian animation Hedgehog In The Fog. Seriously awesome. Apparently all Russian animation rocks your socks.

Yeah. Told you it was gonna be random.


  1. I love the randomness! And I really like the big head on the sidewalk!

  2. That hedge hog is too cute!


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