Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Power & Glory

Alright people. I'm aware that here in blogger world we're all respectful of one another's beliefs and whatnot. By respectful, I mean that I normally refrain from blogging for Jesus(plus the thought of this just kills me). Depending on the flavor of the post many, if not all, of you would be bored to tears. However, I've found something I must share, in order to gather opinions.

A friend of mine gave me this book on c.d. It's called Flabbergasted. So, I've only listened to a little of it, and am not totally sure what I think yet. I haven't gotten much past the character building part, but it's funny so far.

The last part I heard before getting to work this morning was an interesting conversation. This one character had just been pulled over for speeding, and had managed to wrangle the police officer into a conversation. What kind of car would Jesus drive? That was the conversation. I c-r-a-c-k-e-d up!

First they pondered Jesus in a Lincoln, or something equally as ginormous and supposedly fancy. Then they did it. They roped me into listening to the rest of that possibly not-so-interesting novel. I believe it was the cop that offered that Jesus would drive an old muscle car. For all the power and glory.

It makes me think of that old song. My Own Personal Jesus. Anyway, I can so see Jesus in an old Chevelle. All cammed up and sparkly...with racing stripes. I'm usually a Ford or Mopar gal myself, but Chevelles are pretty powerful and glorious. Don't cha think? ^__^


  1. If I was ever going to be a striper, then "Personal Jesus" would be my song....

    I think Jesus would drive a Hybrid and use turn signals personally.

  2. Ari- It's always good to be prepared. Ha!

    He would definitely use turn signals. all actuality Jesus would probably take the bus. He was never really interested in earthly posessions. I just think the whole power and glory muscle car thing is too funny, and I love muscle cars. ^__^

  3. He's Jesus.

    He'd totally rock a tripped out Nova that ran on nothing but air and his general goodness.

  4. Capptain Steve- I wish my car would run on general goodness. I'd be more well behaved.


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