Friday, October 10, 2008

Involuntary Manslaughter

I almost killed a man this morning. It was inadvertent of course, but it was funny as heck. He escaped unharmed, except for a possible bruised ego.

Stepping out my office door to retrieve something from my Jeep, I encountered a man, probably in his his mid-thirties. He had a kind face and was heading toward his truck. One of those huge flat bed, extended cab work trucks. The kind usually packed with eight large, muddy booted men. He glanced at me as I walked onto the sidewalk, and then before safely leaving the sidewalk he double-took. There-in lies the rub.

While "checking me out" a second time, those clunky steel-toes of his wandered right off the edge of the sidewalk, sending him toppling. He landed right slap on the grill/hood of his truck! I contained my laughter. I couldn't conceal my Cheshire grin, though.

There was a guy sitting in the truck too. He cracked up and shouted, "Well hell Charlie! Ain't you seen a girl before?!". The stumbly fellow looked at me, at my Jeep, back at me and smiled.

I managed to get my passenger door opened before I let out a blast of laughter. This was not my original destination, but it would do. I felt it necessary to hide my face if I were going to laugh at this silly man.

As he threw his white monstrosity into reverse he waved and smiled. I returned the smile, but had my hands full at this point, heading back to my office door.

Considering my curls today, it may have been a second glance to see if I was Medusa. However, my husband will hear that I almost killed a man with my stunning good looks.


  1. Oh, that's awesome... I would have loved to witness something like that.


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