Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Handy Dandy Notebook

This chaos of mine comes in waves, and it is almost entirely self inflicted. Who's got the time?! I feel like a Lewis Carol character.

The White Rabbit, desperately scrambling to keep his head.

Alice, stretched too thin, reminding herself that her very good advice is useless when ignored.

There are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish all this stuff I get myself into. I just find it hard to tell nice people no. Even if they request something completely ridiculous, I acquiesce. Strolling casually into overwhelming situations has become a favorite past time of mine. I feel like my head is hanging by a thread.

This little guy, both adorable and juvenile, is my newest attempt to remain sane and semi-organized. Yes. I have a little notebook addiction. Although, they each serve very separate functions. The moleskin is for brainstorming and sketching. I have another for writing. This one shall be an external hard drive of sorts. So I don't crash and lose it all.

So far my list consists of:
1. fishy post card swap (cause I love me some swap-bot)
2. Halloween sculpey creations
3. a new painting to replace one I sold(bittersweet)
4. three owlies
5. four watercolors of cats
6. one watercolor of a dog
7. a watercolor of my supervisor's baby
8. a commission I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT!
9. a watercolor of some munchkin I've painted before

Not to mention cleaning my house and getting Kitty's radiator replaced. Yes, I name my vehicles. Laugh if you want. I love her.


  1. I know the feeling...not only do I have multiple mini notebooks but the 3lb. dayplanner...I channel the white rabbit a lot...and not in a good way

  2. I have no room to mock. My car's name is Midget, because she is the cutest, littlest car I have ever had.

  3. Ari- Aye. I'm thinking about channeling the Queen. In moderation, it might be helpful.

    Captain- Midget sounds just lovely. My Jeep is Kitty because about a month after I purchased her that black strip that seals the windshield came loose and was flapping in the wind. I kept pulling over to see what the heck that loud purring noise was, but the strip would fall back into place everytime I slowed down. About the 5th stop I saw the black marks it left on my roof. That was a fun day. ^__^


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