Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Good, The Bad & The Quirky

The past two days have been extremely random. So, this blog will be too. I have about a million things to vent and have to go to bed like now. You've been warned.

Have you ever been completely blown away by someone, and wondered how you got through life without knowing them, or the light they bring to this dark little world of ours? There's a definite possibility that I'm completely oblivious, but maybe not. Let's see.

Has anyone else heard of Kevin Carroll? He was a guest speaker this morning at this conference. The guy is freakin' awesome. Maybe I think so because we share the same inspiration. Resilience. If you haven't already, read his books! They are essentially children's books for adults! Seriously. Check it out.

All in all, the conference is going well. Besides being sick, not having much of a voice and having to socialize with a million and one folks it's been pleasant. Not to mention pretty interesting. Really, the socializing is the worst of it.

Anyone who knows me will say that I'm an outgoing, friendly gal. Right Ari?^__^ Yet, the level of antisocial tendencies I harbor within are undeniable. I try to smile and not shy away from large, LOUD groups of people, but it hurts me on the inside. Especially if they are touchy, feely ones.

Apparently, I give off some sort of "Come touch my hair and talk about me in third person" old lady pheromone. I swanee. Curly hair attracts little blue haired women from all over the joint. Every trip in the elevator goes a little like this.

Blue Haired Variety: "Would ya look at that hair! She's just adorable. How old are you honey?"
Me: "Twenty-six. Thank you."
Blue Haired Variety: "NO! I thought you were maybe 18! My goodness. Just adorable. Isn't she adorable?!"

After everyone concurs that I'm adorable they continue to talk about me like I'm not there. I just smile. They're sweet and all, but geesh. I'm sure all you girls know how nice is it to be lumped into a group with chunky babies and whimpering puppies. Cute? It just erks me.

Oh! Tomorrow Todd and I are going to the Muhammad Ali Center! Such an amazing man.

Okay. Good night people.


  1. You're extroverted only when you're comfortable...

    I think its the curly hair that puts you in the same category as puppies and chunky babies...people don't do that to me!

  2. "I try to smile and not shy away from large, LOUD groups of people, but it hurts me on the inside."

    I'm familiar with that feeling, but it usually goes away once I actually start talking to them.

  3. I give that vibe too. And yes, it is quite annoying. I feel your pain!


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