Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crafty Distractions

It's not possible for me to not procrastinate. I've been overwhelmed with tasks lately. You've seen my list. Yet, I find myself ignoring the large projects to do little time consuming things, like making little clay vampire incense burners and finishing upcoming swaps.

This little bit of vampiry goodness is for Ari. I made him out of sculpey. Consequently, it's interesting that this clay is for sculpting, yet there's no T in it's spelling. Hmm. Anyhow, with Halloween coming up and our shared obsession for a certain southern gentleman, I thought it appropriate.

My latest swap assignment was to make a fish themed hand made post card. I'm mailing it off today. It's going to Brazil! Hope it makes it without getting rained on. I water colored it.

So, I have absolutely nothing to post about really. Nothing I want to think about anyhow. In case you hadn't figured it out yet. The crafty eye candy is just to hold you over until I actually have something to say.

I have to go to a visitation tonight and a funeral tomorrow. I hate it and I don't want to go. Assembling with a bunch of upset people to cry together about something we have absolutely no control over really isn't my thing. It doesn't really jive with my whole escapist thing.(I didn't make it up Matt. I didn't.^__^) Ugh.

Ok. Off to work.


  1. Aye! It should be called sculpty!

  2. HEY! I was just looking at your artwork at the bottom here and realized i've seen it at the Bistro! I LOVE IT! You have some excellent stuff! ;)

  3. That vampire is too cute. I also have a little thing for Bill...and yet I always feel a little sorry for Sam.

  4. I feel bad for Sam SOMETIMES, but then I remember that he's most likely a canine and I don't care.

    I'm so understanding like that. Vampires? Yes please! Dog men? Not so much.

  5. Ari- ^__^ Had to throw that in there.

    Kelwhy- Thank you very much!

  6. Love the postcar and the Dracula

  7. You people are so supportive. It's like blog therapy.

    "And gosh-darn it. I love myself!"



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