Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seemingly Perfect

Have you ever met one of those people that you love and want to kill at the same time? That's Cheryl-the chick that got married on Sunday. She's ridiculously inventive, sweet and beyond adorable. Just when I think I'm equally as awesome-she pulls out another stop.

The wedding was really beautiful and actually enjoyable! I normally hate weddings, but hers was the exception. It was outside of course, and the weather was perfect. The ceremony consisted of a million bright colors that shouldn't go together, but they did and it was gorgeous. It was also overflowing with adorable Philippino children, which can never be a bad thing. The cuteness was numbing.

The reception was even fun, and I don't drink. Good vegetarian food and stupid games that made people look like complete morons. A great spectator sport.

To top the whole thing off, she made her own wedding cake! It wasn't ghetto either. It was all home-made stripey tasty. It wasn't Ace of Cakes good, but it was decent. Just enough to be endearing, as usual.

So, yeah. My "I'm the bestest girly" syndrome causes me anguish. What about you? Hate any seemingly perfect people?


  1. I think everyone that's not me is perfect...so I have a lot of issues and anxiety...

    and it makes me feel good to know that seemingly-perfect people aren't perfect....like you and todd

  2. I definitely know the feeling. There's some people that just seem to have it all together - I always want to corner them and torture them til they tell me their secret.

  3. Ari- We share the same internal warfare. Sigh.

    Meg- I know. Alas, all the people I want to drill have their own "I'm awesome" army. It's an annoying little enterage.


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