Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Multipurposing Moron

I have come to the conclusion that I have the attention span of a Jack Russel on crack. I get all interested in something and am obsessed for about a month or two. Then it magically disappears. I'm bouncing off the walls here folks.

Finishing things isn't my problem. I've finished a few billion owlies, a few scarves, lots of little clay thingies, a gazillion paintings(which aren't really my problem-that's the one thing I never fizzle out on),and lots of other stuff I've become excited about. It's just that my obsession comes in waves.

Last year, my husband dubbed me a closet knitter. He'd find me sneak-knitting at work, in my Jeep in the driveway, in the bathroom...Seriously. I did it anywhere and everywhere. The urge would hit and off I'd go. Knitting like a mad woman. I've just picked that one up again.

A few months ago it was little polymer clay incense burners. I went nuts. I think everyone I know has at least two somewhere. Themed accordingly. You like robots? A'ight. Robot incense burner it is! Octopi? Sure!

Now, it's a bookmark here and there. I think I feel a little clay jack-o-lantern obsession coming on. I'm also knitting again, too. I already mentioned that, huh?

My problem with this is that I feel like I'm flighty. I come back to the stuff eventually. It just takes time. Maybe I just need lots to keep me entertained? I do learn new stuff during my hiatuses. I do too much to do it all-all the time.

So, maybe it's okay.


  1. I do the same thing. Nobody believes me anymore when I say things like, "I'm going to make you a quilt!" because I never finish. I get halfway through and move onto something else.

  2. we're soul-sisters....i'm convinced

  3. MegK- And you totally mean it. It just isn't feasible sometimes.

    Ari- I had an inkling. ^__^

  4. I always finish what I start...

    usually I am too lazy to start new things!

  5. I have that same problem when it comes to crafts--but my hiatus is usually spurred by my throwing the craft across the room in a "perfectionist can't get it right" outburst.


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