Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I've been to Korea and enjoyed many a strange veggie dish. I might even have enjoyed a few non-veggie dishes, unbeknownst to me. I'm sure of it actually.

I loved kimbop. Bibimbap was good, save the egg cracked on top, and the stone bowl I cooked my fingers on. Chobap, which I think is originally Japanese, is my favorite. Bap means rice, and it's in everything. This-bap and that-bap. Yumbap.

Kimchi, on the other hand, was not something I enjoyed. Green or red-it stank and didn't taste much better. For some strange reason everyone loves this stuff. Fermented cabbage?! No!

This is exactly why I named the newest addition to the family KiMCHi. He's slightly stinky. I doubt he tastes good. And everyone loves him.

This past Friday night a kitty strolled up our driveway. We've since found the owner and been given the cat. They had him declawed and neutered, but then decided to put him outside!!!

They might be idiots, but at least I got a kitty out of the deal. Yay! He's oh so lovely and sweet. He runs his motor all the time. I swear, you could probably drop-kick him and he'd purr.

After a quick, yet expensive, trip to the vet he has become a permanent member of the household. He's gray and stripey and wonderful! I don't enjoy obsessive posts about pets. So, for your one time viewing pleasure. Here's Kimchi!!

And while I'm posting pics on additions/changes...I got a hair cut! The chick whacked a bit much off top. It's obvious my hair is curly. I have slinkies all over my head! Why this woman felt the need to make a four inch layer is beyond me. I think her thought process must have something along the lines of: She has curly hair. Her hairs kinda flat on top. She needs more body. I'll make it stand up all over her head!! I'll make her look like Missis Lovetts!!!!

See that POOF their on the left? Your left. Yeah. This isn't at full Missis Lovetts potential, but it's the only new hair pic I've got. I now have something similar to bangs. Only not really. Eh.


  1. Gorgeous kitty cat!

    So I should ease off the puppy posts?

  2. No! No!! No!!!

    Let me clarify. An obsessive pet post is one comprised of a gazillion not-very-good photos, and nothing in the least bit interesting.

    You're puppy posts are quite the contrary. Please continue. ^__^

  3. hehehe! I can't wait to met him in that we know he's a he...

    and your slinkys aren't that bad...

  4. Ari- He's a sweetie. If you sit still long enough he'll fall asleep in your lap.

    You love me. You have to like my slinkies. ^__^

    Matt- Thank you! I'm getting used to it.

  5. Aaaawwww, this makes me want a new kitty cat. Or it's the fact that current kitty won't stop I think it's the cute pictures.


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