Wednesday, August 6, 2008

With Wallpaper Like This...

Have a gander at that sexy wallpaper. Oh yeah. They don't just slap that up in any old nonprofit. Only the best of the best of the best, right? It makes me want to gag every morning. Along with the hunter green carpet.

Perhaps such lovely surroundings are the drive behind my need to make and surround myself in happy little things like this. I made this little guy a few months back. Although my gloriously fuzzy photography hinders you from recognizing this, it's an inscent burner.

There's nasty beadboard too. Not the nice, well balanced, obsessive compulsive beadboard. Eggshell cheapo beadboard! I try to hide it behind my paintings, and calendars and such, but resistance is futile. See?

Friends and fellow bloggers, today I ask you to observe your well maintained surroundings. The economy carpets, tiled floors and block walls. Then partake in a moment of silence, to consider those less fortunate than yourselves(I realize the blasphemy here and I'm just going to go with it).

Through some whacked out version of feng shui, I hope to survive such harsh surroundings. *sigh*


  1. forget the wallpaper...

    what the heck is that thing in front of the camera?

    looks like a tree almost? maybe?

  2. Listen buddy. It happens to be a mushroom with a lightning bug on it. It's about 3 inches tall and made of clay. It's the "happy little" inscent burner I'm yappin' about? Given it's a tad suessy, but geez. :)

    Perhaps I should take a different photo. :(

  3. as I sit here and look around at my lovely setting...nasty bland "bone" textured wallpaper and marroon-ish carpet with decades of staples and food crumbs stuck in it....I think your set-up is a little nicer. But my view is better...

  4. oh...and i like the lightening bug on the mushroom...and the zebra...i have a picture of matthias in a similar pose....

  5. You should see the pictures I am forced to hang in my office. All you need to know is they are from the '80's. Plus some of them look like horrible posters that were in your elementary school library.

  6. Meg- I'm so sorry. It's disgusting the things we're subjected to.

  7. Ari- Decades of food crumbs?! I'm sorry. I vacuum there aren't any petrified food items.


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