Friday, August 22, 2008

Comfortable With Puppies

My boss brought her 6 week old baby in to work today. He's very tiny and-thanks to his mom-very color coordinated. Despite looking very much like a cranky little old man, he's actually pretty darn cute. As much as I hate to use the term, he was precious.

I'm usually pretty wary of munchkins when they're that small, and don't like to touch them unless I have to. As usual, this kid was very cranky, but also very small and warm. He made tons of adorable faces and cracked me up. He kind of wriggled and grunted like a puppy.

I'm more comfortable with puppies, but I guess I have a lot more experience with them. After all, this kid is only the second one I've ever held unsupervised. I paraded him up and down the hall to keep him from making any nasty faces at me, and offered him up to his mother as soon as she emerged from her office.

I'm twenty-six and have yet to have baby fever. Now, admit to me if any of you gasped just then. I'd like to know. All but one of my friends have either had children or want them. I just don't see it happening.

I've gone through the "what's wrong with me/I'm just too selfish" phase, and heard the whole "it's your purpose in life" spiel from a couple girlfriends. I still managed to come out feeling alright with my position on the subject. Who says everyone has to pop out a kid by thirty, or at all for that matter?

Don't get me wrong. I love kids. I teach them at church and they're pretty much magnetized to me wherever I go. I just really like the sending them home part. I like to make my impact and send 'em packing. I also enjoy not having carried them around in my uterus forever and a day, until I had stretch marks, and expelled them through something roughly the size of a lemon.

Don't even get me started on Todd. I do have to admit that he'd be a good dad. He's not ready though. If he runs into a well behaved, ridiculously adorable child he gets all, "don't you want one" on me. All I have to do is subject him to the munchkin for about an hour and a half and he changes his mind completely. So, no pressure there.

We do have pressure to pay off our house and bills so we can DO something with our hard earned money. We have so many things we want to do, places we want to go, and we haven't even started! Not to mention that this old world of ours isn't exactly getting any spiffier. So, I figure if we haven't had any tricycle motors by the age of thirty, we'll really talk about it. Maybe adoption. Who knows?

Until then, I'll continue enjoying the little snot monsters my friends kick out. I'll paint them, play with them, and avoid bathing or changing them. When they're old enough, I'll be the crazy adopted aunt that lets them do all kinds of cool stuff their parents won't. We'll finger paint and play hide and go seek in the dark. We'll stay up too late and wake up cranky. Then I'll send them home. ^__^


  1. I didn't gasp. I'm 27 and have umpteen nieces, nephews, and baby cousins, yet really no urge to replicate myself. Partially because I'm convinced I would birth the Anti-Christ, which would make Christmas a bit awkward, but also I'm not sure why. Maybe it's just not in me to have kids, I don't know. But I wouldn't be too concerned about being 26. We're young! We don't have to have babies right now! In my case, I don't even need to be married right now! But that's a soapbox for another day.

  2. I want one....but I have the "Baby List" (my version of the Bucket List) to keep my priorities in check... but its really tempting...

  3. Captain Steve- I'm married, but I will gladly share that other soap box with you. I can't tell you how many times I had the urge to slug old ladies at church for nagging my then boyfriend about marriage. We were 21 and it was like we were going to die alone in the wilderness if we didn't get engaged at that VERY MOMENT!! While everything turned out just fine-we did NOT need the pressure.

    Ari- I know. You're one of the "wants one" friends. ^__^ It'll happen when it should.

  4. I didn't gasp either...I dont know if I ever want kids.

    There's alot of pressure out there- but reproducing isn't REQUIRED in order to have a happy life...eventhough most parents will tell you it is. usually happens when you're not ready- and everything just kind of comes together.

    you'll see.


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