Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flying What?!

Alright folks, have you ever heard of a flying rod? A friend of mine sent me this cryptozoology link the other day, where I skeptically read a plethora of theories about strange unidentified and extinct critters.

Some people are so ridiculously unintelligent and conniving it's hard to tell what's true anymore, right? So-thinking this stuff is fairly interesting-I do some research on the subject. After a few articles and videos, I decided that wikipedia summed it up best here, and Dr. Who-the dude from the video-yes, that's his name-is probably right.

So, some Escamilla dude threw a big fit over what people had just assumed were some sort of camera glitches. Now there are all sorts of articles about them being aliens and crap. C'mon people.

Why isn't it possible that these are just bugs-neat see through ones-maybe just regular ones-caught on camera? You can see the little buggers on a they're there. Why do all the nut jobs have to come up with theories about creatures from another realm or planet?

Fast bug vs. regular bug. Interesting to an extent. Not an invasion.


  1. there are things on this planet that never cease to amaze me...

  2. Me too. I was hoping they were some kind of new critter we've never been able to see.

    I hope that's not how the nuts start out?!?!? ^__^

  3. people have too much damn time on their hands


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