Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have a completely legitimate excuse for neglecting my blog. Really.

"Tell us! Tell us!" the loyal subjects proclaim.

Alright. Monday morning I somehow managed to bulge a disc in my neck. This caused excruciating pain and a much needed sequence of chiropractor visits. For the next two days, I was stuck at home(watching the crime channel^__^). Something I'm more than willing to do in order to avoid spinal injections. (ICK!)

I know what you're thinking. Something about a hand basket and a very warm place, right? Well, sometimes I think so too. I keep on trucking, though.

I'm apparently pretty much realigned at this point, and can manage to hold my head up. Ice pack and hydrocodone in hand, I'm back.

You can all relax now. The degenerative disc disease(a.k.a. DDD), which I've griped about here previously, hasn't done me in yet.

Again. Thanks Dad!


  1. Ouch.

    hope you're ok.

  2. Ari- And I you. I can't wait to give you your birthday present. It's little and unimportant, but I hope you'll love it. ^_^

    Matt- Ouch is still in the vocabulary as of late. It's getting much better, though. Thank you.


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