Friday, August 15, 2008

Climb Up Onto Your Great Misunderstandings...Now Jump

On a number of occasions, I've been informed that certain intelligent people, that I deeply respect, were disappointed with my station on the condition of the planet. Yet, we hadn't really even talked about the subject. It was driving me daffy, trying to understand what part of my little green opinion was upsetting to them.

I came to the conclusion that my faith in God was causing the misunderstanding and unrest. I seriously think that because I'm a christian people assume that I don't care about our planet. Not so. I don't understand this. I care and I think God cares too. I wonder who these folks have been talking to, and how, whoever they are, can claim to be christian and not have pity on our planet?

Maybe it was all a misunderstanding and I just got caught in the middle. I'm not sure, but for good measure this is my attempt to set an apparently wonky record straight...about myself and what I believe. I can't speak for others and I wish others wouldn't speak for me.

1. I believe that saying you're a christian can mean a lot of things these days. We should all ask what someone believes before assuming anything.

2. I believe we're all children of the same God.

3. I believe everything, including melting icecaps, has been going down hill since the fall of man, when sin entered this previously perfect world.

4. I DO NOT think the world is going to be destroyed by a flood, because God said it wouldn't.

5. I believe that if the planet is going to be destroyed by excessive heat, it will be AFTER Jesus comes back to get those of us who want to be with Him, not one second before. I believe that's called hell fire.

6. I believe, hope and pray that I'm leaving here one day with as many others as possible, BUT I also believe God told us to take care of the animals and the world and each other while we're here.

7. I believe we need to make every effort to clean up and stop destroying the ONE planet that we've been given to share.

8. I DO believe we CAN make this a better place, by loving and taking care of one another and the planet.

9. I believe if we don't make an effort to make things better-they will definitely get much worse-due to our horribly destructive nature.

Don't you hate when people don't ask and just assume?!

Okay. I feel better now. *sigh*


  1. I agree! People shouldn't jump to conculsions based on one category that you may fall in...saying that all Christians don't believe in gobal warming is like saying that all athiests sacrifice children and eat them....

  2. Exactly. We all know a lot of the orthodox athiests now sacrifice gold fish instead. ^__^

    Seriously though. It really cracks me up when people assume athiests are all child sacrificing satan worshipers. DO they even know any athiest?!

    I just hate assumption altogether.

  3. This weekend some ladies came to my door and were preaching about global warning...and they gave me a pamphlet about the god and the environment.

    Doubt I will read it...

    Not sure why you even care...

    But they cared. So much so that they said they would check on me next weekend to see what I thought of it.

    Sucks that I wont be answering my door for them anymore.

  4. If it wasn't a close friend of mine, I probably wouldn't have been bothered so much. It's the fact that we've known each other since we were kids and she was all, "I just don't know who you are anymore" due to her assumptions. It wasn't quite that dramatized, but you get the drift.

    Now, strangers coming to my door to pedal their ideals? OH NO THEY DIDN'T! I wouldn't answer. I hate when people invade privacy.

    If I want you in my bubble-I'll send you an invitation. ^__^


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