Friday, July 11, 2008

Sleep Deprived Ranting

It's currently 7:35AM. I am tried, cranky, sore and itchy. Tired and cranky for obvious reasons, sore because I have a degenerative issue with the vertebra between my shoulder blades(T5-T8), and itchy because I have eczema that acts up when I'm stressed, and haven't had enough sleep. It's an incredibly vicious cycle. The back pain causes the stress and sleep deprivation, thus causing MORE itching. Plus I'm still a little peely from all the sun I subjected my shoulders to in Florida. Ugh.

Geesh. It all sounds a little worse when you lay it out like that. I'm not ALL THAT miserable, but it is unpleasant.

My back isn't always this bad. It's degenerative disc disease, and I inherited it from my father. Thanks Dad! Sometimes the most degenerated disc pops out under the pressure of the ones around it, which in turn pinches a nerve, causing pain and a numbing of the skin. It's weird and usually gets better after a couple of days of babying it. No heavy lifting, shoveling or mopping.

The itching is actually something I'm used to. It only does it when I'm stressed, and I don't get that way much. At least not since I graduated college. Now, if I have to do some sort of public speaking, sing at church, or play cards it's another story. My friends crack up when we play Dutch Blitz or Spades. What you can see of my neck and chest get all stripey and red. Everyone can tell when I have a bad hand. I hate losing, and the prospects of it make me nervous(cause I'm a dork!).

I also hate being without my Jeep. I took her Wednesday (a very fine day) to have her driver's side door maintenanced, and I still don't have her back yet. Apparently, my model 4X4 has issues with door hinges. I have a sneaking suspicion that the previous owner was a large one. I am by no means skinny, but I am not heavy enough to break a door off a vehicle! Besides, I don't have to lean on my door to get in my Jeep. It's not jacked up that high.

So, no Jeep. I did get to ride to work with my husband, which is nice. However, it's also part of the reason I'm ridiculously sleepy. He works about an hour away from my place of employment. Yeah, and I'll be here about an hour late too.

Thus, I am a sleepy not-in-the-least-bit-nice girl without a vehicle this morning. I know I'm still blessed with many glorious things, but I don't want to think about them right now. I'm "wollering" in my misfortune. How are you? ^__^


  1. i'm sorry....i'm sleepy too (but not itchy) and grumpy

  2. Aw man, it sucks that you don't have a "poker face." Well, you may have a killer poker face, but not poker skin, I guess. I hope your eczema calms down and your back starts feeling better.

  3. Well I sure hope you are feeling better by tonight!

  4. Matt-I am much better, thank you. I even have my Jeep back now. New door. New windshield. Very nice.

    Less itchy. More rested.


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