Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I know no other way to say this, than just saying it. Pacha(my dear sweet bunny) died. I'm to where I can talk about it, but I'm still a mess. I guess something was wrong with his heart. Bunny experts say that when an otherwise healthy young rabbit dies, the way Pacha did, it's due to heart attack, and there's nothing you can do for a weak bunny heart.

He had been less active than usual, since we'd returned from Florida. Although, he was pretty much back to his sweet little fluffy self. We were giving him lots of attention, and watching for any health issues. He just seemed to hop around less and kind of cuddle up and stay put more. Normal bunny activities. Just slightly out of character for Pacha.

He was eating, drinking, and going potty as usual. His ears looked nice and clean. His teeth were fine. We couldn't decide whether to take him to the vet or not. There were no physical signs of anything wrong.

I wish I had now. I should've taken him for blood work or something. I just didn't know. I also wish we hadn't gone to Florida for a week. I feel like it's my fault. Although, I know we spoiled him rotten and he was very happy.

He was hopping around and loving on me Wednesday. Thursday I was gone all day for work, and doing stuff for Jodi's wedding. Todd was home with him, though. Friday morning he just up and died.

Todd was in the kitchen when it happened. I was in the bedroom. I'm sorry he saw it, but I'm glad it wasn't me. There was nothing anyone could do. Todd held him, and that gives me some comfort.

We buried him before Todd left for work. I ran some errands to try to forget about it, but basically just cried all day. I still burst into tears randomly. Especially around the house.

Our whole lives were built around a bunny. All the electrical cords and plants are up off the ground. The back bedrooms are always kept shut. Todd opened my studio door last night and I screamed at him and started bawling.

I miss my little fuzzy friend.

If you have a bunny, and he/she starts acting the slightest bit out of character, take them to the vet. Even if they can't do anything, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you did what you could.


  1. I'm so sorry, love. if you need a shoulder, you know where mine is...


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