Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Lady and A Scholar

Spastically running errands this morning I ventured to the office of post. I left my JEEP running, grabbed the p.o. box key and bolted for the door. Board meeting days at our humble non-profit are often chaotic, and today was no exception. So, I had to step it up to get back in time to set up the food and all.

Note: Feeding your board members keeps them docile.

Like I was saying, I bolted for the door. Gonna to get in and out in a flash! Nearing the entrance, I see the reflection of an old dude closing in behind me. I hear myself selfishly thinking, "Man! I have no time!" My body and mind grapple.

body: Move it.
mind: Be polite.
body: We like to move it. Move it.
mind: STOP!
body: GO!
mind: Hold the door you wench.

It was a definite struggle to shift back into a lower gear and actually wait a second and a half for the guy to make it through the door. His eyes sparkled as he walked in.

"You're a lady and a scholar," he said with a smile. I was rendered powerless. Offering sort of a half giggle I returned the smile, stumbled away from the door and to my little metal box destination.

Why doesn't anyone talk like that anymore? Obviously this guy does, but I'm sure he's a dying breed. Suddenly, I yearned for patent leather shoes, Donna Reed hair and a beau.



  1. i've always thought that of you :)!

    I don't know if big man can handle that many people...and chairs...and would definately be something to blog about....

  2. you should totally bring back that kind of talk Heather.

    It could be awesome!

  3. Ari- Every Monday until October I'll be trying to do some Safe Place street outreach work there. Just handing flyers out to kids and such. Anytime you could come would be great. Otherwise, I can make it over to your place after gracing Big Spring Park w/my presence.

    Matt- I might just do that, but then I'd have to say things like "neato" too. Hmm? I'll think about it. :)

  4. Grandpa compliments are the best! I love when old men are sweet like that--it totally makes me want to live in the "good ol' days!"


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